The Connection: The Life and Order of the United Methodist Church

The Connection makes it easier for congregations to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and to help all United Methodists stay on a Wesleyan Path. It is simpler, clearer and better organized than our current Discipline. The Connection recognizes that the mission of United Methodism is best served by empowering congregations to develop laity who are equipped for leadership in the church and community, and clergy who are equipped to cultivate and lead leaders. The General, Jurisdictional/Central and Annual Conferences exist to resource and equip local congregations to thrive.

Sections of The Connection: A New Book of Discipline

Why A New Book of Discipline?

The Book of Discipline has served as the covenanting principles of the Methodist Church since its inception at the Christmas Conference in 1784, and of the United Methodist Church following the merger with the United Brethren Church and Methodist Church in 1968. The creation of The Connection, a new Discipline is an audacious proposal in the face of this long history and tradition. It begs the question: Why is a new Discipline necessary and desirable?  READ MORE HERE

News and Letters

GNJ Leaders Heading Committee for The Connection:

  • Bethany Amey

  • Drew Dyson

  • Karline (Kay) Dubuisson

  • Myrna Bethke