Small Group Symposium to Explore Approaches, Address Challenges

September 2, 2016 | | GNJ News

Some of the most innovative leaders in small groups from Greater New Jersey and beyond will join the Small Group Symposium sponsored by the Northern Region Resource Team of GNJ and GNJ Director of Small Groups, Rev. Beth Caulfield on Oct. 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Drew Theological School in Madison.  This specially targeted symposium is geared for clergy and seminary students interested in exploring what’s next for small group ministry in their churches.

The Symposium is set up with both panel discussions and more specific breakout sessions so that clergy and seminary students can go deeper into small group discussion.

“This is a time for folks to connect with each other and discover resources around small groups ministry,” said Beth Caulfield, Director of Small Groups for Greater New Jersey who is helping organize the event. “There’s a variety of ways we can meet Christ and develop as disciples in small groups,” she said.

Invited speakers include:

Rev. Dr. David Watson of the United Theological Seminary who authored the book “Covenant Discipleship: Covenant Groups,” is a premier expert on covenant group models which draw from the Wesleyan heritage of bringing people together.

Rev. Arisbel Luna Gallardo of the United Methodist Church of Cuba will lead a discussion on house churches and how they relate to small groups.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Myung-Hoon Ahn of Arcola UMC in Paramus will speak on cell groups, a small group model that has become popular in Korean churches with newfound exploration by African American and Anglo congregations.

Rev. Dr. Frank Fowler of Trinity UMC in Hackettstown will discuss the foundation of how small groups develop disciples.

Rev. Jenny Smith-Walz of Trinity UMC in Hackettstown will explore internet small groups and online communities.

Rev. Beth Caulfield, Director of Small Groups will speak on new sincerity or affinity groups, sharing new ways of attracting people by building small groups around specific niche interests such as biking, bowling, or painting.

The cost is $30, and registration is now open at Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to enrich your congregation, learn new techniques, connect with experts and grow disciples of Jesus. Click here for more information and to register.