Sharing the Ministry and Blessing the Difference

November 6, 2019 | | The Way Forward

GNJ pastors Rev. David Wehrle and Rev. Amanda Hemenetz represent diverse views regarding how United Methodists should be in ministry with the LGBTQIA+ community. However, together, they see a path forward sharing the ministry that unites United Methodists while blessing the differences that come between them. They shared their witness at the GNJ Annual Conference in May.

The following is their witness (edited for print). The full video of their testimony can be found above.

Rev. David Wehrle Testimony

Christ is Risen. This is the faith that unites us. This is the truth that we are rooted in. Jesus Christ died and resurrected to offer us new life. That is good news.

My experience on this GNJ Way Forward Team is an echo of the Gospel. Despite our team’s incredible diversity and despite our obvious serious differences, just as Jesus chose a sinner like me, the GNJ Way Forward Team has accepted me and invited me in and I love them.

Each member of the GNJ Way Forward Team is working hard. We’re working hard on learning to be outward. We’re moving forward with one another. We’re learning to move beyond trying to change one another and toward listening and understanding one another.

When Jesus chose me, He showed me grace and acceptance. The Holy Spirit entered my life to begin a long way forward to holiness. People of faith, Christian brothers and sisters, we are a people of the Way Forward. Our Christian faith and life are a constant discerning of what the next way forward will be.

The GNJ Way Forward Team knows the “why.” We don’t have a plan with all the “hows” yet. I know it’s hard to wait. We all want to move forward, and we will.

Our spiritual director, Rev. Shawn Callender Hogan has reminded us that just as the Israelites followed a pillar of fire, we wait on the Holy Spirit, and we move forward in faith at the leading of our Lord.

I believe, sincerely, that the Holy Spirit desires to lead the GNJ Way Forward Team. I believe the team will choose to follow when the Holy Spirit moves and wait when the Holy Spirit says wait. I believe that as the GNJ Way Forward Team follows the Holy Spirit, the team can lead this Annual Conference into scriptural holiness and a winsome witness.

We need your help. We need your input, and we especially need your prayer that we will discern the way forward that Jesus has for us.

Rev. David Wehrle
Vice Chair of Wesleyan Covenant Association

Rev. Amanda Hemenetz Testimony

Since coming onto the GNJ Way Forward team in that first meeting, my scripture has been the scripture that says, “Verily I say unto you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abideth alone, but if it die, it bears much fruit” and that’s from the Gospel of John. (John 12:24)

We are in a time of death in the UMC. In my opinion, we’ve been on hospice care for quite a while. Sometimes death is a good thing. In Easter season, death is a time for new life. In our GNJ Way Forward Team, that is what I see. I see new life. I see a new church. I see a new beginning, and I see it being much better than it is right now.

The GNJ Way Forward Team is in conversations larger than the issue of sexuality. We are talking about the Book of Discipline, polity, theology, how we see each other and how we see the church. We are talking about how we work together or how we don’t.  We are talking about mission and what we should be talking about as a church of Jesus Christ. We look forward to reclaiming things that have been lost and to creating things new. That’s what we’re working on, on the Way Forward.

We talk about blessing each other to go out and do ministry; to go out and be the church. I truly believe that when we are done with our work as a Way Forward Team, we will be able to be the church much better than we have in many years.

I see my church accepting people who are gay and lesbian, as disciples, in leadership and in marriage. And I see other churches celebrating disciples and covenants differently. We’d all be reaching people for Christ. That’s what we’re all called to do and the work of the GNJ Way Forward Team is enabling us to get there.

Please keep us in prayer, know that we are hopeful. Know that we are joyful. Know that you have a future. Thank you.

Rev. Amanda Hemenetz
Chair of the Reconciling Ministries Network