Paychex Provides Churches Chance To Cut Costs

August 12, 2015 | | GNJ News

Grace UMC in Wyckoff learned that there are resources to make payroll and financial services more available by using Paychex, the vendor that is partnering with Greater New Jersey to provide affordable financial services to the conferences churches

A little over a year ago, Grace UMC partnered with Paychex after consistently being frustrated with a different vendor. The result has been transforming, said Bob Dietz who attends Grace and is the Vice Chair of GNJ’s Council on Finance and Administration. “We had significant problems and clerical errors with another service and they were very unresponsive because we are a small church,” Dietz said. “As a result, we started using Paychex and it’s been significantly improved. We did this as the conference moved toward this direction. We have had excellent service and have solved a lot of problems.”

While the clerical headaches have been significantly reduced, Dietz also said after a year, that Grace is saving money compared to the cost of using the other service. Dietz said that Paychex offers cheaper transaction costs than other providers, provides excellent year-end summaries and all of the tax documentation and also provides support for things such as the Family Leave Act and Disability. “They help with all of those compliance issues that are out there,” he said. “We are trying to make sure that we are all doing the right stuff. We want to encourage all churches to have the right level of legal support.”

Another key to Paychex is that when support is needed, it is personal. It means Paychex customers have a dedicated person to talk with to help understand their account. “We stress the personal relationship,” said Nicole DiGuglielmo, the Paychex Small Business Consultant for the New Jersey area. “I am the only one on the account and it’s just me and my team that they are working with.” She also said that Paychex will be a more cost effective option for churches, no matter how many people they have on payroll.

“Everybody who is paying for another service, they are paying more money than what we are offering,” DiGuglielmo said. “Everyone we have come in contact with has had a higher invoice and hasn’t had a high satisfaction with their payroll company.” She also said that Paychex has the ability to adapt to churches with small payrolls or larger payrolls and meets needs individually. “It’s all customizable,” she said. “We can do whatever the client wants. We can adapt things along those lines.” And according to Dietz, that has been the case for Grace UMC so far. “Their customer service has been exemplary,” he said. “Compared to what we had, they are very customer oriented and have provided great service levels as well as answering any questions we have.”

For more information about Paychex, email Nicole DiGuglielmo or call 908-770-5488