Message from Bishop Schol – New District Superintendent and 2017 Appointments

January 22, 2017 | GNJ News, Messages from the Bishop
We appoint clergy to lead vital congregations to make passionate disciples who stir up faith, hope and justice in the community.


Dear Sister and Brothers in Christ, 

As we enter in a season of appointment-making in the life of the church, I am pleased to announce to you that Rev. Frank Davis will be the new District Superintendent for the Capital District starting July 1, 2017. Rev. Davis was chosen among many names submitted to me from laity and clergy.

Rev. Davis has most recently served United Methodist Churches in New Brunswick, New Jersey and Spring Valley, New York. He is a global spiritual leader with educational and ministerial experience in the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Trinidad, Georgia, North Carolina and Greater New Jersey. In the congregations he has served, he has been a developer, healer, disciple maker, visionary, leader of leaders, mission and community leader, and an advocate for at-risk youth in the community.  

Rev. Davis exemplifies many of the characteristics we look for in clergy:  

  1. Transformational Leader – a Spirit-led pioneer who initiates a vision of what could be, develops strategies and inspires people to work together to achieve life and world-changing mission.
  2. Passionate – a contagious love for God and people, is excited about the mission and moves people and ideas to action.
  3. Open – grounded and yet embraces new ideas and learnings. A grace-filled leader that is open to and embraces people who think, look, act and live differently.
  4. Relational – genuine in their relationship with God and others, seeks a team experience and connects with others through their interests and ideas.
  5. Learner – teachable and dedicated to learning and applying new ideas.
  6. Creative – doesn’t let adaptive challenges stop the mission but is curious and inquisitive, takes risks and applies innovative ideas even when there is limited resources to overcome challenges.

I invite you to pray for Frank as he prepares for this new role.  

This appointment begins the start of the 2017 appointment season. Today, we announce the retirement of 20 clergy from Greater New Jersey. Please click here for a full list of those retiring.    

While we celebrate the ministry of these spiritual leaders, we also take time to reflect on the appointment-making process at GNJ. Our appointment pages on Greater New Jersey’s website outline our values, practices and commitments about this sacred process. Click here to view these pages. We also have resources from the updated 2016 Book of Discipline and congregational transition workshops planned to help ensure the process is smooth and transparent.  

I ask for each of your prayers for pastors, congregations and the cabinet during the appointment season

Keep the faith!

John Schol, Bishop
The United Methodist Church
Greater New Jersey