Message from Bishop Schol | Appointments

January 21, 2020 | GNJ News, Messages from the Bishop

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As we begin the 2020 appointment season, I am encouraged by the progress occurring in our present appointments and for promising new clergy that we have been recruiting and training. God has great days ahead for us.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Rev. William Williams III is the new District Superintendent for Gateway North District.  Rev. Williams is a transformational leader who has served in Atlantic City and Westfield. He was a leader after Superstorm Sandy, continuing to help others while he was forced to leave his home. He received the Atlantic City NAACP person of the year. He is committed to congregational vitality, evangelism and community transformation.   He has served faithfully on leadership teams within GNJ and within the Northeastern Jurisdiction. I am grateful for everyone who shared names of prospective superintendents. It was a long list filled with outstanding leaders.

New announcements for 2020 for clergy retirements can be found here. I invite you in joining me in praying for and thanking our 2020 class of retirees. They have served the church faithfully and changed hearts and lives of people.

New Appointments
Each Sunday by 1:00 p.m. the announcement of new appointments will be posted on the website. We anticipate that we will start making appointment announcements on January 19. On the web pages is also information about how the cabinet works with clergy, SPRC, and the congregations to make appointments. Click here to view the appointment pages.

Open Churches
You may find the list of open churches that the cabinet is presently considering by clicking here. Clergy who are interested in being considered for one of these churches are to let their superintendent know by Sunday 6:00 p.m.

As United Methodists, we have a unique connection that is built on prayer, dedication to Wesleyan values, and working together. In GNJ, we are becoming servant leaders with deepening commitment to local and world mission, making disciples and growing congregations. I am uniquely blessed that in our diversity, we remained unified to Christ’s mission. Thank you for your service to Christ and the church.

Keep the faith!


John Schol, Bishop
United Methodists of Greater New Jersey