CUMAC's pantry team in Paterson, NJ. Photo provided by Adrian Diaz

In CUMAC’s Walls

April 5, 2018 | | GNJ News

A 2018 Series on the power of miracles in GNJ

PATERSON – Adrian Diaz pays witness to the miracles she sees on a daily basis working at CUMAC in Paterson.  “A girl walked into our pantry with her family on a bitter winter day,” shared Diaz, the organization’s Communications Coordinator. “They rushed inside for shelter and a CUMAC’s team members greeted the family to make them feel welcome. The CUMAC worker noticed that the girl has a single sock over her fingers to help keep her hands warm. However, the sock is soaking wet from the snow and the girl’s hands are ice cold.”

“Without hesitation, our CUMAC team takes a warm pair of gloves, winter hat and stuffed animal from the  Community Closet.  The girls’ face lit up in joy and in that moment she no longer was worried about staying warm or what’s for dinner. Offering hospitality warmth and a good meal to this young girl and dozens like her is made possible through the kindness and generosity of the CUMAC community. This kind of generosity creates miracles and around here, they happen all the time.”

Bags of goods prepared for families are carefully packed by volunteers each day to keep shelves stocked throughout the month. From the fruits and vegetables to the meat and dairy products, the food is donated regularly by individuals, groups, and churches who look beyond their own kitchen tables and understand how important a meal can be to someone who is hungry.

“CUMAC staff goes the extra mile to ensure that every client gets the support and care they need most, day in and day out,” said Diaz. “So many moving parts and so much kindness all come together here to help make a difference. Every day small miracles happen in these walls and we’re so thankful to all who help make our mission to feed people and change lives possible.”

CUMAC is currently seeking individuals and groups to help sort, pack, and distribute food for clients on weekdays as well as volunteers to assist drivers with daily pickups. The organization’s Community Closet is in need of blankets, pillow cases, bedding, baby items, girls and boys clothing, spring and plus size clothing, suits, and shoes. Consider donating new or gently used items to help someone in need. If you’re interested in getting involved or want to learn more, please call (973)-742-5518 or email