GNJ podcast features expert on UM Diaconate, bivocational ministry

September 12, 2023 | GNJ News

In a new episode of the Uncovered Dish Leadership Podcast, we welcome the Rev. Darryl W. Stephens, a leader among ordained Deacons and a foremost voice on the Call to the Diaconate, as well as and bivocational ministry within The United Methodist Church. Dr. Stephens, who has taught at several seminaries, directs United Methodist Studies and the Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry at Lancaster Theological Seminary.

As the UMC faces a time of transformation and redefinition, Dr. Stephens delves into the unique and pivotal role of Deacons and emphasizes their bridge-building capacities between the church and the world. We also tackle the growing trend and intricacies of bivocational ministry, uncovering its potential to revitalize congregations and communities.

Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of vocation, service and the evolving landscape of church leadership. Enjoy this episode and past episodes of the Uncovered Dish Leadership Podcast at

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