Uncovered Dish Christian Leadership Podcast

What is the Uncovered Dish?

The Uncovered Dish Christian Leadership Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast on Christian leadership by the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey that uncovers stories, equips leaders, and changes the world. In this gospel-centered podcast hosts James Lee and Kaitlynn Deal invite guest on the show to share, discuss, and journey with listeners on what churches and congregations are doing in Greater New Jersey and for the Kingdom of God.

Our Most Recent Episode:

Episode 15, April 26, 2017
Author, coach, and worship design guru Jason Moore comes on the Uncovered Dish Podcast to share how churches big and small can take worship to the next level that doesn’t only create a great Sunday service but a life-changing experience that spills into Monday and beyond. Jason is the author of 9 books and has designed worship alongside such leaders as Adam Hamilton, Michael Slaughter, Tony Campolo, Brian McClaren, and Leonard Sweet; and he brings all his knowledge to the table. If you enjoy this podcast, be sure to register for The Greater New Jersey Annual Conference and register today for Jason’s workshop on “Creative Worship: Discovering the Power of the Narrative Experience.” 


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For more information, contact:

James Lee

Manager of Visual Arts

James is a storyteller, and visual arts is his medium. He is responsible for producing all audio and video elements for The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey and A Future With Hope. James’ favorite thing to do is sit back and watch movies over buttered popcorn with his beloved wife and daughter.

Kaitlynn Deal

Communications Coordinator

Kaitlynn grew up at the Jersey Shore with no plans to move far from the beach and loves to rescue animals. She has a BA in Communication from Rutgers and is working on a MA at Monmouth University. She is starting her career in communication and has a wide variety of experiences in marketing and nonprofits.