General Conference Delegates Listening and Learning

May 12, 2016 | | GNJ News

In preparation for the May 10-20, 2016 General Conference, in Portland, Ore, Greater New Jersey delegates met with, connected with laity and clergy throughout GNJ in preparation for this important legislative meeting.

Every four years, delegates from around the world convene at General Conference to discern changes in the Book of Discipline.  The United Methodist Book of Discipline establishes practices and policies for the United Methodist Church.

At the 2016 General Conference, there will be a variety of legislation to be discussed and voted on.  Some of the legislation includes human sexuality, revoking guaranteed appointments for clergy, term limits for bishops, an amicable split of the denomination and how the denomination is organized.

To help discern the diverse views of Greater New Jersey congregations, the eight delegates elected to represent the conference, held listening sessions in each district to allow laity and clergy to share concerns and viewpoints.

In addition to the sessions, many throughout GNJ corresponded directly with the delegates, sending them letters and emails to share their views.  To help facilitate communication, a web page was opened on Greater New Jersey’s website.  This page provided a form where people can directly share with delegates.  At the end of April, 62 people have shared their hopes and concerns with the delegation.

More information about General Conference can be found on the General Conference webpages on or