CUMAC Volunteers display teamwork. Photo provided

Churches Respond to CUMAC. More is Needed.

October 5, 2016 | | GNJ News

With summer being especially hard on food pantries and the clients they serve, CUMAC was able to  serve over 5,000 people facing hunger.

CUMAC, which stands for Center for United Methodist Aid to the Community, feeds people and changes lives. It works to alleviate hunger and its root causes for those in need in Paterson, Passaic County, and northern New Jersey CUMAC is also an advanced special of the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey

In an effort to prevent a major food shortage this year CUMAC held a summer food drive competition and the response from United Methodist Churches in Greater New Jersey was overwhelming.  Twenty three United Methodist Churches contributed to the food drive bringing in close to 5,000 pounds of food! Without this boost to CUMAC’s food supply, many of neighbors in need would have been unable to keep food on the table this summer.

Serving our community brings us great joy, but with so many individuals and families in need of assistance, the threat of running out of food and supplies is ever present. United Methodist Churches in Greater New Jersey also stepped up for the annual school supply drive.  Members of over 30 different churches donated backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils and everything in between. Along with donating supplies, many of these churches sent teams of volunteers to help sort and pack the items. With their support, CUMAC reached more kids than ever — over 600 backpacks full of supplies were given out to local students in need. With these supplies, local youth will be ready to learn and expand their horizons this school year.

CUMAC’s programs are year-round.  One in five children in New Jersey struggle with food insecurity and CUMAC continues to serve thousands of individuals and families with nowhere else to turn for help every month.

CUMAC’s warehouse is especially low on baby food, formula, pasta, rice, beans, canned meat and items high in protein. CUMAC has instructions for 6 Easy Steps to hold a food drive to encourage all to help replenish their stocks and keep people fed.

To learn more about CUMAC and how you can help stop hunger visit