Children/Youth Program Director | Teaneck UMC, Teaneck, NJ

September 2, 2022 | GNJ News, Job Opportunities

Teaneck United Methodist, located in Teaneck, NJ, is looking for a person who will oversee its children/youth program. A seminary degree is not required, but candidate  must be a professing Christian with good knowledge of the Bible and have the experience of leading children’s program in a church Sunday school.


  •  Enjoy and love to work with children and youth
  • Have good social and communication skills, team spirit, and leadership to work with parents, volunteers and the pastor
  • Be flexible, open-minded and possess a creative spirit to try new ideas and new things

The person will be working closely with the pastor, planning, coordinating and providing spiritual nurture and guidance to the children and youth in the following manner:

  1. Oversee the childcare program for toddlers on Sundays during the Adult worship time.
  2. Lead the Children’s Time during Sunday Morning Worship Service twice per month on a rotational basis with other people.
  3. Provide a Bible study class for children and youth 5 yrs and up every week immediately following the Children’s Time during Sunday Morning Worship Service.
  4. Mobilize parents and volunteers to plan and prepare special programs (i.e. pageants) for Easter and Christmas.
  5. Plan and provide Vacation Bible School (could be over a weekend, week nights, or week day).
  6. Plan and provide special programs for spiritual nurture and care for children & youth as needed in consultation with the pastor.
  7. Recruit volunteers from the church to help out with children/youth ministry and take initiative in communicating with parents for program participation and help.
  8. The person will be expected to be at church every Sunday and work additional hours as needed.

The compensation will be negotiated based upon experience and effectiveness.

If interested, please submit a resume to Teaneck United Methodist Church C/O SPPRC, 201 DeGraw Ave. Teaneck, NJ or