Broadway UMC in Warren County decided to be a blessing to the Red Bird Mission in Beverly, KY, by providing air conditioning unit condensers. Photo provided

Broadway UMC Blesses Red Bird Mission in K.Y.

July 2, 2018 | | GNJ News

In 2017, the Broadway UMC (BUMC) in rural Warren County installed a new heating system which was to include air conditioning.  Unfortunately, infrastructure issues prevented the church from completing the project, leaving the congregation with three condensers that could not be used.

“This presented an opportunity of mutual blessing allowing BUMC to understand stewardship in a deeper way,” said Carolyn Walters, BUMC Church Council Chair and Lay Rep to Annual Conference.

Instead of the condensers sitting unused, the church donated them to Red Bird Mission in Beverly, KY, “thereby sharing the goodness which God has poured out on us,” said Walters. Red Bird Mission, Inc. is a United Methodist mission providing ministries in the rural Appalachian Mountains region since 1921, seeking to meet the needs of chronic poverty, unemployment and housing.

Like many small churches, BUMC often struggles in wondering how they can impact the Kingdom of God.  With this donation, the  church was reminded that even the smallest offerings have ripples beyond our imaginations.

“We continue to proclaim ‘God is good! All the time,’” said Rev. Gabrielle Martone, then pastor of Broadway UMC.

In May, Robert Pohli and Tonya Asher drove the Red Bird truck approximately 700 miles to pick up the condensers.  The two units will be used in the work camp dining hall as the units they have currently are overwhelmed.

With the new units installed, Red Bird Mission volunteers  will be able to share meals in comfort.  The area will also be used as gathering and witnessing space and for nightly devotions.

Red Bird Mission has year-round work opportunity for volunteers in mission and service-minded groups. The work Camp strives to provide home repair for low-income community residents and maintenance for Mission buildings and grounds. Last year, a delegation included members of Broadway UMC and nearby Port Colden UMC sent a mission team to Red Bird to help with community home repair and improvement and other mission activities.

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