Greater NJ Annual Conference for the UMC {2017}

©2017 Shari DeAngelo

Bishop Schol’s Easter Message

Friends in Christ,

We worship, sing, pray and serve today because of what God did for us. God gave us victory over the grave, delivered us from sin and death and gave us hope during our greatest challenges. We are an Easter people.

I see resurrection hope everywhere. In the Delaware Bay District, pastors and laity chipped in together and bought pizza for the medical staff at three area hospitals. This past week, a pastor picked up prescriptions for older adults who could not get to their local pharmacy. Medical teams will work to protect and save life in the midst of Covid-19. And today, people around the world will be gathered on phones, in front of televisions, computers and other devices to worship God and the risen Christ.

This year, more than many we have known, hope, life and resurrection seem fleeting because of Covid-19. But it is not. Maybe this Easter is more like the first Easter, not a lot of fanfare, not a lot of hype, more mystery and faith, more of a startling reality in the midst of fear and loss. More of a sense of awe and wonder that shows up when the pizza is delivered, or someone shows up with the medication you so desperately need, or a medical person gets all suited up to enter a hospital room to offer help and healing, or that you find meaning and hope huddled with others around a computer proclaiming Christ is risen indeed!

Wherever you are, stay safe, stay strong, be well and know that God claimed victory for you.

Happy Easter,


John Schol, Bishop
United Methodists of Greater New Jersey