Volunteers from St. Paul’s Centenary UMC in Newark serve hot meals to a men’s shelter in the city. Photo provided

A Visiting Miracle: A Series on Miracles in our Midst

November 1, 2018 | GNJ News, Miracles Everywhere

NEWARK – Rev. Rolando Santiago Fuentes witnessed a miracle one Sunday after his church service at St. Paul’s Centenary UMC in Newark. An offering was taken for the church’s food kitchen ministry that had been taking place for the last two years. Fuentes shared a story along with photos about the ministry and how just the day prior, members of the church had served over 60 hot meals to a men’s shelter in Newark alongside community volunteers.

“I met a young man yesterday named Jonathan,” said Fuentes. “We talked for some time. He is just 21 and serving life parole but with dreams to move on.

Fuentes went on to describe how although the shelter helped inmates on parole get acclimated back into their communities, the men, including Jonathan, needed to provide for meals themselves out of their own pockets. Cooking materials were made possible because of generous offerings from the church and community. Fuentes spoke to the congregation about his hopes of providing even more hot meals in the near future and opened the invitation to give.

After the service, Mrs. Zoraida Vega approached Fuentes with a heart that was moved. She committed to sending a monthly offering to support the church’s food kitchen ministry so men like Jonathan could be fed.

“Now the miracle is this,” said Fuentes. “Mrs. Zoraida Vega used to be a member of our church but moved to Pennsylvania about four years ago. She was just back in town visiting when she attended the service that day. She is a living miracle, and miracles are happening everywhere. Do you see them? Are you one of them?”

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