Miracles Everywhere. Really?

I confess, often when my nose is to the ground, focused on the details of ministry, I forget to look up and see God’s extraordinary miracles everywhere.

Miracles are events where we believe that God has intervened in the world in a powerful way. This creates a sense of awe and adoration for what God has done and is doing. To God’s amazing work we are called to respond with thanksgiving and praise.  

Here are a few ways that you as a leader can begin noticing the miracles everywhere.

Miracles are extraordinary. There is no miracle that is ordinary, every miracle is extraordinary. Miracles do happen when the blind see, the lame walk and the deaf hear, but those are not the only miracles God is enacting. Miracles can also be the healing of a relationship or the birth of a child, which are just as extraordinary. Remind others that since miracles are of our God they are never ordinary, but always extraordinary.

Miracles are daily. Let’s not miss the extraordinary daily miracles. May we open our eyes to the daily blessings such as the blossoming of spring flowers, the fruitful church meeting, and a text message from an old friend. What miracles happened in your life today?

Miracles are praise worthy. Give praise to God for the extraordinary miracles in our lives. In team meetings, worship, or small groups ask the question, “What has God been up to?” Invite people to open their eyes, claim the miracles that God has blessed them with, and give God glory.

Miracles are for today. The powerful God that created the universe still enacts miracles today. Yet, when we are praying for a miracle our patience, and sometimes our faith, can feel tested. Trust that God is still at work in the way God knows best, even when we may not see it. Who in your life needs to hear this message today?

Miracles are invitational. As you name and celebrate the extraordinary miracles that are happening, notice how they point to God’s greater vision. While God does not need us to enact miracles, often God does use us as part of God’s good works and miracles. How can you be a part of the vision God has for your life, community and church?

As you name the extraordinary miracles that are at work in your life, you will notice miracles everywhere. Really!


God of all creation, too often I take for granted the daily miracles with which I am blessed. Forgive me. Open my eyes to see and celebrate your extraordinary miracles. Help me to recognize You and experience Your wisdom in every awe-filled moment of my life. Amen.

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