Honoring Creativity and Innovation in Ministry

Cape Atlantic District

Wendy Dorfman- Leadership Ministry-Grace Union UMC:
Wendy developed, supported, resourced and leads the NOW mission group consisting of members of Grace Union UMC, Winslow UMC and others in the community. The mission team humanizes those less fortunate and through facilities provided by Asbury UMC in Atlantic City it provides a sit-down meal, clothing and fellowship. But, more importantly the team offers a sense of normalcy, a sense of acknowledgment of them despite their circumstances, and an available ear and sometimes shoulder to lean upon for prayer, advice or direction. From a donation of a trailer, to funding of necessary equipment, to direction for discounted perishables, this small, yet mighty, force of actionable discipleship feeds over a hundred people on occasion on a meager budget. Wendy is the core of vitality for the congregation at Grace Union UMC. She has served as teacher, coach, a voice of reason during transition and is the example at the forefront of change movements in the congregation.

Capital District

Loretta Battis and Patricia Love- Shepherding Ministry-Good Shepherd UMC Willingboro:
Loretta loves the children under her care. She is patient with them, listens to them and responds to the questions they ask related to faith. She is a “seed sower” and in due season the seeds she has sown will take root in the lives of the children to whom she has shown Christ-like love. Loretta serves as one of the leaders in the Sunday Conversation with Youth, which is like a children’s moment. Pat Love exemplifies her name…love. She is a loving, kind, humble child of God who wants others to experience and trust God. She loves the Lord and the Lord’s people and does whatever she can to show the love of our Lord to everyone she meets, be it in the congregation, the women’s club or other groups she is a part of. She lives her faith, and it is visible for all to see. She is concerned about the spiritual well-being of others. Pat serves as a worship leader with passion.

William Koetas and Carol Shipp-Church Vitality Ministry- Crosswicks UMC:
William’s humble heart and servant attitude not only exemplify the Wesleyan’s tradition but also give an example of a Christ-like heart for ministry. William is the classic servant who does all the important day to day chores and work and no one even notices. By his outstanding ministry of presence, William makes all who are around him feel at ease, well taken care of, accepted and empowered. His example of radical hospitality and selfless generosity is of vital importance for the existence of this church ministry. Without the work William does, the doors of Crosswicks UMC could not be opened every time we have service. Carol leads the stewardship ministry of the church, which is essential not only to carry out all the programs and projects of the church but is a perfect model for what it means to serve others, cherishing God’s gifts and sharing those gifts with one another. Carol stepped up to organize and bring up to date an area of the church that had been neglected for many years. She demonstrates not only interest in learning but also making sure the record-keeping is accurate.

Daniel Boone- Leadership Ministry-Pennington UMC:
Daniel demonstrates God’s transforming love every day of his personal and spiritual life. As lay leader, he takes full responsibility for the inner workings of the church. He arrives extra early EVERY Sunday. He participates in worship by giving the children’s sermon, as greeter, as liturgist, as a member of the handbell choir, and as an usher for the offering collection. He recruits people to be liturgist, but if someone is sick, he takes the lead at the lectern. Daniel wears many other hats at Pennington UMC such as lay speaker/minister, Board of Trustees chairman, Mission Committee treasurer, church financial secretary and communion steward. He is the most GIVING and GENEROUS person with regard to his time, talents and resources that I have ever known. Daniel works tirelessly to prepare for weekly worship, maintains the buildings and grounds, ensures that the financial aspects of the church are in order and communicates with EVERYONE.

Daniel C Brown and Mary Lee Bruno- Leadership Ministry- Ellisdale UMC:
Daniel has become a participant in all events and has invigorated all the ministries of the church with his mere presence. His love and commitment motivate others to sign up for events, and he gathers volunteers for many of the projects of both churches Ellisdale UMC and Crosswicks UMC. Daniel ensures both churches comply with many violations against the fire department code and enlists people from all places to make sure the buildings are secure. Mary Lee, as the church council leader, has been the bridge and motivator for Latino seasonal workers, members of the LGBTQ community, African Americans, Hindu and other people of color. She helps foster families who live in the area find a place where they can worship, develop scouting programs, celebrate cultural activities and have a place of their own in the community.

Jack Howard- Audio Visual Ministry- St. Paul UMC Willingboro:
Jack is the driving force behind the Audio and Visual Media Ministry at St. Paul UMC. His ministry began in 2008. Most people no longer receive information only by hearing or reading words. In our increasingly visual society, images and symbols speak as powerfully, even more powerfully than words. At St. Paul UMC, our Audio and Visual Media Ministry gives us an effective strategy and tool to help us communicate the transforming power of God in a manner that appeals to all. Our worship services have become revitalized and inspiring and have particular appeal to the younger worshipers.

Joy Haines-Leadership Ministry-Magnolia Rd UMC:
Joy has been the leader of Bible studies for many years and is a prayer warrior. She got the church involved in healing stitches ministry, making bereavement gowns and wraps for stillborn or premature babies to help the parents get through their loss. She helps the ladies put together sanitary napkins for girls. She is ready to fill in for the pastor if she is unable to speak, and she has been the music director and organist. Joy is knowledgeable in God’s word and lives to be an example to all around her, so that they can see her as the only Bible they may ever read and know she is a Christian by her love and her actions.

Lorraine Donahue- Leadership Ministry- Hopewell UMC:
Lorraine is a servant leader, with an unparalleled heart for sharing the love of Christ with the church and the community. She leads in so many roles at Hopewell UMC, cleans the church when no one is looking, supports so many folks through a laity-like-pastoral-care, and is ready and willing to jump in at any time to support the pastor. She talks to people all over town, invites them to church and shares her testimony with all who will listen. She preaches, teaches, supports and loves without hesitation. Lorraine helps make new disciples by being the ultimate role model for discipleship through her love for the Lord and undeniable commitment to sharing that love with others in so many ways.

Mark VanBruggen- Leadership Ministry-Emleys Hill UMC:
Mark leads worship with passion. His music choices reflect both praise to God and deep Christian Theology. Mark organizes the annual Christmas Eve worship, which includes arranging a chorale of capella singers from outside the congregation. This past Christmas there were 13 members of this chorale. He chose the music and led in the singing. He has been faithful in the administration of the Good Samaritan Food Pantry, available for the monthly food deliveries, helping organize the food and performing the physical labor to get it all where it needs to be in the time-frame required. Mark has been faithful in many ways during his 20+ years in lay leadership of the EHUMC. He is currently a worship leader, treasurer and lay leader. This puts him on every committee of the church at this time. Not only is Mark faithful in carrying out all of the responsibilities he has taken on, he has done so with a deep sense of compassion, encouragement and steadfastness, even with the heavy burden of a congregation that is no longer sustainable. Emley’s Hill UMC is expected to close this year.

Delaware Bay District

JoAnne Lawrence-Youth Ministry-Quinton UMC:
JoAnne is engaged in Small Group Ministry as leader of both the teenage Sunday School class and the youth group itself. Through retreats and youth meetings and anytime there is a teachable moment, JoAnne focuses on what being faith-filled means. Her leadership of the youth in the community and the church includes her taking them out of the church to do visitations to shut ins, community service through providing gifts for school aged children at Christmas, taking younger children out at Halloween to collect for UNICEF, helping with the annual community Easter Egg hunt and supporting the church with clean ups, dinners and making themselves available to serve anytime there is a need. When the Ruritans have their fundraising breakfast, the youth are there cleaning up and waiting the tables. JoAnne has stressed serving others as part of her leadership as well as being an unbelievable living example for them to witness. While our denomination’s focus seems to be on young leadership, I believe JoAnne speaks to the fact that good leadership is an ageless thing.

Gateway North District

Janet Crowe & IGNITE UMW-SECRET PALS Ministry-Community UMC of Kenilworth:
Community UMC (CUMC) of Kenilworth celebrated its second anniversary as a merger with Springfield and Kenilworth churches. During this transition, one of the church organizations (United Methodist Women thru the leadership of Janet Crowe) continues to be strong and organized, helping us achieve our goals and mission as a church. We continue to do strategic sessions/meetings to identify opportunities for growth, to be intentional in reaching out to the community and creating new spaces for new people (youth, young adults and old alike) in innovative and creative ways. The IGNITE Community “SECRET PALS” (United Methodist Women) have been a strong pillar of faith in the church’s life. They are one of the most organized units in the church. They continue to have a space to engage new people in the Kenilworth and neighboring communities.

Sharon Kessler and Mission Committee-Outreach Ministry-Community UMC Roselle Park:
Sharon has been chairperson of the Community UMC’s Mission Committee for over 15 years. During that time, she has significantly expanded our small church’s role in mission activities and spreading God’s transforming love through mission giving throughout the world. Sharon works with the Casano Center (a resource center in town) to provide donated food to its food pantry and is a go-to person when there is a special need for food or other supplies. The missions team provides 100 lunches for Bridges quarterly. Sharon included the youth group when going to NYC to distribute the lunches, which was a giving experience they will never forget. February is ‘Pink Tree Month’ at CUMC where the congregation can remove a heart ornament from the tree for a local food kitchen or CUMAC, and donate the amount for that organization. We undertook a Mite of Pennies through the Society of St. Andrew’s gleaning program and actually raised over $800 (yes, in pennies!) to help the organization provide fresh food for those in need. CUMC has supported Hero Rat, an organization that trains rats to sniff out land mines in war-torn countries. Under Sharon’s leadership, the church has collected items for baby kits, cleaning kits and medical kits to help those in need both locally and abroad. One of our local initiatives raised funds to provide overseas troops with free phone cards so that they could keep in touch with their loved ones. The church supports Heifer Project, United Methodist Communities, Maker’s Place and the Christian Outreach Project. We create Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets for those with limited resources. Sharon helps our congregation to see the beauty and the blessedness in giving.

Gateway South District

Donald Hart Sr.- Servant Leadership Ministry- Emmanuel UMC Oaklyn:
Don’s greatest attribute is his availability. He serves in multiple capacities with a joy-filled spirit. We know that the first witness of a church is the outward appearance. Don works tirelessly to ensure our grounds are beautifully groomed and welcoming; he maintains our sanctuary, ensuring that it is also a welcoming and well-groomed area including facilitating beautiful flowers for our Christmas and Easter seasons. Don is always willing to step up and try new ideas and greets each person with a smile and an open ear to listen. Don actively participates in all of our outreach ministries. He drives our van to bring worshippers to and from worship and so that they may participate in our community lunches. He also facilitates our feeding and clothing ministries by coordinating transportation of the team and supplies to various sites throughout our county. He is skilled at welcoming people into fellowship, easily engaging others in conversation, being very purposeful about knowing peoples’ names and stories and welcoming all into our worship services.

Amirah Kitchen -Youth Ministry-Ferry Avenue UMC:
Amirah has a passion for Christ and serving others that is contagious. At 17 years old, her growth during the past few years was clear as she began to attend IGNITE, embracing the challenges to serve and make a difference. She returns each year with ideas for the youth and the church. She has become a part of the IGNITE youth leadership team and went on the Civil Rights Pilgrimage with other conference youth. She attends Next Gen camping programs and in 2019 also served as a youth leader in training for one of the weeks. In the life of the church, Amirah has been a bright light, serving as worship leader, singing in the choir, praise dancing, serving meals and intentionally encouraging her peers to get involved, and even adults to serve. Last year, she faithfully served as a youth leader for our summer lunch program until she left for camp. A highlight for her family and the church was Amirah’s first sermon in 2019, “Open Hearts, Open Minds.” She takes her service to God seriously and is a person of prayer. Amirah looks for ways to invite her peers to the church, helping the church to develop ministry that would be interesting to them. She accepts guidance well, and learns from others. Although she is preparing for college, she hopes to continue to take advantage of opportunities to serve the church and Next Gen ministries. Amirah excels in school and is a member of the National Honor Society.

Geri Smith- Revitalizing Ministry -Mt Zion Wesley UMC Wenonah:
Geri is finance chair, capital campaign chair, usher president and more in Mt Zion Wesley UMC. Over 15 years ago Geri shared her vision for a church expansion. The then-Pastor Rev. Maurice Brown presented it to the Administrative Council. With the Church Council okay, Geri’s Drive began. Six pastors’ later we now have brand new accessible bathrooms, new pastor’s study, enlarged fellowship multi-purpose hall and a new attitude. Many know the hoops one has to jump through via Conference procedures, township mandates, developers, plumber, electrician, fire marshal, etc., but Geri remained steadfast through all of the bumps in the road. She sings praises for others who helped her with this extensive expansion. Geri still gives God all the glory. She also fulfilled all of the positions listed above without missing a beat. Her Christ-like spirit continues to reign.

Northern Shore District

Mary Jacobus -Outreach Ministry-Whiting UMC:
Mary has tirelessly been working with our congregation to provide food for the homeless in Toms River through the Just Believe Inc. organization. She invites our congregation to support the Neighborhood Center in Camden with school supplies each August and brings congregants with her to experience the work done and to deliver the donations. Mary also travels twice a year to Henderson Settlement in Kentucky to volunteer. She also brings donations for their food pantry and Settlement store that were given by our congregation. Mary is involved with a monthly lunch preparation along with the members of the Mission Team that has evolved into a Giving Tree at Christmas for the Ocean Christian Church in Toms River. Because of Mary’s sharing the word that there is a need, a local Presbyterian church also donated clothing for the homeless. Mary’s devotion to feeding the hungry, energy to spread the word and getting people involved are examples of how God’s mission work was intended. Her ministry is done with joy and love for all involved, those giving and those receiving. And because of Mary’s work, the helping has spread beyond our small congregation to a community with a big heart and a need to help too.

Palisades District

Linda Bochese- Food and Pet Pantry Ministry- Cedar Cliff UMC:
Through the generosity of our congregation, the Food and Pet pantry has allowed Linda the opportunity to meet with members of our community on a monthly basis, providing them with food for themselves and for their pets. Her calm and caring spirit shows those who come for help that we are there for them, no matter what. She allows people a space to come in and know that they are loved as Christ has loved us. Our congregation collects food for both humans and pets on the first Sunday of each month. Linda and her fellow committee member, Anne sort the food, prepare packages of food for those who come in and share in conversation with them during their visit. This allows people to feel comfortable coming in for food for themselves and for their pets. Since the program has started, it has grown from one person a month seeking food for themselves or their pets, to upwards of 18 families being served each month.

John Bruton-Blood Drive Troubadour Ministry-Calvary UMC Dumont:
John has brought joy and comfort to the four community blood drives held at Calvary UMC annually for the past eight years. As a Christian songwriter and performer, John provides music throughout each drive. He does this as a solo entertainer or with a group of friends that he invites to join him. John creates a welcoming ambiance, and he offers songs that witness to God’s inclusive nature and unconditional love. His informal, fun-loving and humble demeanor is a magnet for conversation with donors and staff, often leading to sharing his faith. It relaxes the donors and it creates a strong sense of fellowship. We notice donors talking more easily to each other as they sing along or call out requests to John. The informal atmosphere also makes it easier to engage donors in conversations about God and other church ministries. At our most recent blood drive, we began talking with a family who came to give blood and that led to inviting them to Calvary’s “Messy Church” events.

Carol Freeswick- Soup Ministry- Grace UMC Wyckoff:
Carol started this soup ministry as a way of reaching out to members of Grace Church and the surrounding community, providing them with homemade soup following an illness or a hospital stay, but it grew to be even more than that as she and her group of soup makers have reached out to anyone in our area with fresh soup in order to help them through whatever difficulty that they may be facing. This soup ministry, in a way, is simply a furthering of her training and commitment to the Stephen Ministry program at Grace Church for approximately nine years. In addition to helping people as a Stephen Minister, she has helped homeless people in the area, as well as women in the area who have been addicted to substance abuse by providing them with food and shelter if necessary. The soup ministry is the epitome of hands-on mission work by reaching out to people in their time of need with a warm meal when they most likely would be unable to prepare one for themselves. The soup ministry has also helped to make new disciples by bringing in new people to help make the soup each month, who otherwise have not been involved in attending church or serving the church in another capacity, but they are happy to come and make homemade soup in order to help people in need.

Danny Jimenez-Dinner Church Ministry- First UMC of Passaic:
Danny has been a light wherever he goes. He has demonstrated Christ-like ministry in the way he welcomes everyone who comes to dinner church and by coming up with thought-provoking questions to stimulate small group discussion. He has served by scrubbing plates, giving people rides to and from church, cooking and studying the Bible to prepare to share. When conversations are lagging, he leads with vulnerability and speaks of how God has touched his life. He has made an effort to connect to neighbors by visiting local businesses and attending local events. In his day job, he serves students as a math teacher. He invests deeply in his students and uses his faith to guide him in his profession as well. New disciples have come to participate in the community as well. The group has grown from its original members to include new people who are growing in their relationship with God.

Joyce McKnight-Young-Outreach Ministry-Christ Church Paterson:
Joyce has demonstrated Christ-like ministry through her service to the church and community by picking up and distributing fresh produce. Prayers are lifted up before the fresh produce is picked up and we pray prior to distribution. Flyers are passed out in English and Spanish in the community. New friendships are being developed as a result of providing fresh produce to the community. Joyce has a passion for sharing her time and resources to help people who are in need including Thanksgiving boxes, Christmas toys, along with Bibles and books. Through our partnership with Public School 13 we distribute books to the community.

Janis Torres-Knit One Prayer Too Ministry- Tenafly UMC:
Janis is a warrior. She continually sees a need and finds a way to get us all involved in the project. They sent 25+ dresses to one of the missionaries in Nepal for young children. She is keen on following through with her group, which includes and is not limited to, hosting our coffee hour as a group on various Sundays. They made an afghan for our wounded warriors, hats for premature babies, nests for baby birds who fall out of their nest. Many times, as a result of Janis efforts we see the group come together on a Sunday morning as they share a common goal or just for the ability to fellowship with their comrades. We are truly blessed to have Janis as a leader. She finds beautiful and gentle ways to involve every member of the congregation in an effort. There is nothing boastful about her efforts, and she really goes above and beyond for our church and the community that surrounds her.

Melinda Iannuzzi and Millie Valentino-Walk-in Dinner Ministry-UMC at Demarest:
Nancy and Dale Hutchinson-Walk-in Dinner Ministry-Calvary UMC Dumont:
For the last 18 years, Calvary UMC and UMC at Demarest have jointly served a nutritious dinner once a month to individuals with a wide range of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. We call this ministry the “Walk-In
Dinner.” Many of the dinner guests have been coming each month for years and we’ve gotten to know them well. They come from group homes or private apartments in Bergen County. Currently, we serve 80-100 people every month. When there is food remaining, additional dinners are packed and delivered to seniors or homebound persons from either church. John Wesley has preached that “visiting the lonely and sharing Christ’s love is one of the means of grace.” By doing this act of mercy, our founder insisted we are experiencing God’s grace as well as becoming a channel of blessing to the others. Without a doubt, Walk-In Dinner has been a place where the members of both churches and volunteers from the community at large experience God’s grace. Scout troops and youth with service hour requirements often come to the WID once only to return multiple times. One Girl Scout troop requested the WID be a part of their activity calendar for more than five years! It is needless to say that Walk-ln Dinner is a “hands on mission project.” Every month about 20 people from both Calvary and Demarest UMCs gather to cook, set up the dining room, serve food, visit with the guests and clean up. Walk-In Dinner is not a program where we send money or products to a distant mission site. Instead, we are making a difference by putting our hands and feet on the mission field in our communities.

Raritan Valley District

Alice Bennett- Handbell Choir Ministry -Bound Brook UMC :
Alice is a member of the New Dover UMC. When she heard we lost our music director three years ago, she spoke with our handbell choir director. She has not only brought and taught us how to ring joyfully and correctly but has taken on four other church bell choirs (Scotch Plains, Centenary, New Dover and our church UMC of Bound Brook). She truly shows Gods love and selflessness wherever she goes. She truly deserves this honor. Alice demonstrates vitality by giving of her time and talents and joining bell choirs to ring for the glory of God throughout the Raritan Valley District.

Michelle Biggs- Leadership Ministry-Wesley UMC South Plainfield:
Michelle serves on the Church Council, Mission Committee, Food Pantry, hand bells, children’s chat, is the youth group director, teaches Bible Study, VBS director and now IGNITE Organizer! She has served over 10 years as superintendent for “Youths.” Currently, she is enrolled in the Certified Lay Minister class! Michelle is a woman who is continually under God’s Anointing; she is one of Wesley’s pillars.

Lou Diemer- Tutoring Ministry- UMC at New Brunswick:
Lou has coordinated a tutoring program for low income students for over 10 years. He has been a tutor and has recruited church members to become tutors. He is committed to teaching Sunday School to high school students and adults. He has headed up numerous committees. He uses his gift of singing in the choir. Our church is in the heart of a city where the public education system for low income students needs support. The tutoring program has touched the lives of countless children improving their academic achievement. Without Lou’s leadership, this program would not have continued. The children who are tutored are students who especially need help in learning. Lou has kept contact with school administrators to make sure the program continues. He handles all paperwork, provides tutors with information they need and ensures there is space to tutor the students. Even when there were difficult students, he continued to keep the tutoring program active.

Elsa Mortensen- Fellowship and Community Outreach Ministry-Christ UMC Piscataway:
Elsa is loving, caring and has a servant’s heart. She is compassionate and has a willingness to help others in need. Serving as co-director of the children’s choir, Faith Weaver Friends, for many years in which in addition to teaching songs, she included Bible lessons in each rehearsal. She demonstrates Christian love through the various ministries that she is involved in, i.e. music, (chancel and festival choirs, Praise Team) fellowship committee, buildings and grounds, etc.) She sings solos and provides special music during many worship services. As a member of the Mission Team and the Angel Tree ministry, she developed great relationships with local businesses- -restaurants providing food donations for our annual Angel Christmas party in support of this ministry. Through her contacts and networking, the Mission Team’s Community Day was able to include a petting zoo and local radio stations. Her hands-on Mission Team work, she is one of the organizers of the rummage sale; assisted with the Music Fest, which was open to the community. The Music Fest and Community Day are activities that asked people to bring nonperishable food items as admission. The food items were donated to food banks and for food-insecure Rutgers University students. Elsa is generous with her time and devotion to the church.

Covenant Free Meals Team-Covenant UMC Free Meals Program-Covenant UMC Plainfield:
Covenant UMC Free Meals program has dedicated over 29 years to feeding the community both physically and spiritually. The volunteers demonstrate selfless, sacrificial love as they tirelessly and faithfully prepare fresh and hearty meals every Monday evening. These meals are served on ceramic plates to emphasize the importance and to empower those persons who are being served. This Ministry has helped to empower those in the community to reach out to each other and offer a helping hand where possible. The ministry volunteers embody the words from Deuteronomy 15:7-8 which says. “Now if there are some less fortunate among you, say one of your fellow sisters or brothers in one of your cities in the land that the Lord your God is giving you, don’t be hard-hearted or tightfisted toward your poor fellow sisters or brothers. To the contrary! Open your hand wide to them. You must generously lend them whatever they need.”

Skylands District

Prayer Grove Team-Prayer Grove Ministry- Dingmans Ferry UMC:
The Prayer Grove Team has developed and managed a beautiful prayer grove in the woods, which provides not only the place of contemplation and chapel in nature but also the visual symbols of faith journey of all individuals as the church. The team invites all diverse people from everywhere as well as from the Dingmans Ferry UMC into the grove and gives them the opportunities to learn and to be assured of God’s presence, purpose, and promise. The prayer grove is open for many usages of Christian acts of piety. Children come and learn. Nursery school, Sunday school, VBS, and confirmation class students come and learn about how God works in them with the visual images of nature. Adults come and the Prayer Grove Team offers a spiritual formation program, “Peacemaking.” A small group of people and the whole congregation come and worship God together with nature’s creation. Every year, the church has an animal blessing Sunday service, which draws the community to worship with their animals. Finally, individuals come, looking for a time with God. Pastor Sung has met people who each came for a different reason. They loved the wonderful place of meeting God and building intimacy with God.

London Broil Dinner Team- London Broil Dinner Outreach Ministry- Dingsman Ferry UMC:
The London Broil Dinner team of Dingmans Ferry UMC tries to serve the people in the community as well as serving the Lord every third Saturday evening. The team prepares the best quality of food and serves it on beautiful porcelain dishes. Many of those who come to the dinner are poor, but the team never says, “we serve the poor.” Instead, the team believes that they serve the Lord. The people who come to the dinner voluntarily offer little gifts from their pockets. The amount is from $100 to $300, which will be used for outreach ministry of the church. The London Broil Dinner Team has been making the church the bridge between people and the local businesses and between God and people. The team contacts local business people and asks them to sponsor the dinner each month with the donation of $300. Knowing which local business people are sponsoring the dinner, the people feel how the local business people treat their customers and the community. The dinner begins with prayer. During the dinner, people give “loving donations” for the church’s outreach ministry, so that they too, partially join the mission of God through the church. Therefore, through this London Broil Dinner Outreach Ministry, the church has been known as the place for the community as well as for prayers of people.