Purchasing Opportunities for Local Churches 

GNJ’s Council of Finance and Administration has vetted a number of national and local products and services that it recommends to local churches for their possible contracting/purchasing.

These vendors were chosen based on feedback received from surveys conducted earlier in the year.  Although these companies have been vetted, local churches that purchase or contract with them will be solely responsible for any purchasing decisions. GNJ does not receive any commission or financial benefit from these companies.

Ecomm Networks

Ecomm Networks is a platinum provider of hosted VoIP services (Telecom) and the trusted phone vendor for United Methodists. Some of the services that they offer include upgrades to existing phone systems, easy to use telephones, ability to easily park calls, page and have anyone pick up the call from any phone in your facility

Ecomm offers money saving solutions, free bill review and ROI analysis with all maintenance included. Let Ecomm review your current phone bills and let you know how much money you can save.

Contact Jim Smith, VP Operations of Ecomm Networks at 610-560-1956.

Click here to find out more about Ecomm Networks.

Kokua Technologies

Kokua Technologies is the perfect solution to all of the technological needs for United Methodist churches. Kokua Technologies has been blessed to provide GNJ, A Future with Hope and a number of churches with solutions to any and all computer and technology needs. 

Kokua assists in supporting your day to day by providing 24/7 help desk services, cloud- based technology solutions, backup and disaster recovery plans, antivirus protection, printing and email assistance and any strategic planning needed to ensure your church has all the benefit of premium support at the local level. 

Click here to find out more about how Kokua Technologies.

My National Purchase Program

NPP serves companies and individuals nationwide, saving them money through negotiated contract pricing. NPP provides discounts on leading products that transform the way people work and live.

Click here to see the offers and an extensive list of discounted products and services including Staples and Home Depot.

New Jersey Citizens Action Oil Group

Created in 1983, the NJCA Oil Group covers the entire state of New Jersey and is a heating oil co-op that helps consumers pool their buying power and save money on home heating oil.

As an agent for thousands of members including churches, the Oil Group negotiates with local oil companies for discounted prices. Members are guaranteed a fixed mark-up above wholesale prices for their heating oil purchases. Generally, the prices members receive are up to 20% less than average retail prices.

Join directly online at www.njcaoilgroup.com or call the Oil Group and sign up over the phone at 800-464-8465 or at oilgroup@njcitizenaction.org to request an application.


Paychex is a leading national provider of payroll and human resource outsourcing solutions. The company’s staff of highly trained professionals delivers solutions to our ministries to support growth.

Paychex delivers services that are accurate, confidential, and affordable. Solutions include: live HR support, handbooks, payroll, employee pay options, workers compensation and free mobile and online access.

Save 40% on HR and payroll services for your church today. Please note: in order to take advantage of the discount negotiated for the UMC affiliates, church must contact either Nicole DiGuglielmo at 908-770-5488 or Tom Esposito at 609-204-8058.

Click here to find out more about Paychex.

Servant Keeper


Servant Keeper hosts Ministry Management Workshops in your area. This is a great event to encourage congregations to attend to learn more about how to manage ministry.

This 2 minute overview video gives ministries a look at how apps and tools can help everyone from the pastor, to the Sunday school teacher manage ministry well. Servant Keeper offers 10% off initial site licenses for United Methodist churches. The software can be demo’ d here.

Please contact Amy Bechdel at 570-748-2800 x 102, with any questions you may have about this service.


TechSoup has been a donation program for 30 years accessing 501c3 nonprofits to software and hardware at a discount.

At TechSoup religious organizations around the world find the information they need to make smart decisions about technology for their church. The average nonprofit can save $12,000 on technology products over the course of their TechSoup membership.

Get access to donations and discounts from more than 60 donor partners, including donors such as Microsoft, Adobe and Intuit & You’ll also get access to free community forums, blogs, webinars and learning resources.

Click here for more information on the TechSoups donation program.

Titan Energy

Titan Energy is a premier energy service provider to nonprofit, commercial and industrial customers. Since 2001, Titan has expanded its energy procurement services greatly, covering areas of energy efficiency, utility bill auditing, demand-side management and co-generation.

Bill Olderman works with churches to provide best market deals for gas and electric consumption. Contact Bill Olderman at 973-568-0470.

Click here to find out how Titan Energy can offer you savings.