Rooted (GNJUMC Annual Conference 2019)

Webinar | Could your Church use some extra income?

Presentation & Key Takeaways

  • Reach out to Kristen Labbe for assistance with the Employee Retention Credit. The program has changed over time and we believe every church may be eligible for some credit; Kristen’s team will assist with the process.  There is no cost to the church unless a credit is approved; they get a portion of the credit ($200/eligible employee)
  • Steeplecom is pursuing several opportunities for our churches to have alternative sources of income:  Cell Towers, battery back-up systems (providing power back to the grid), electric vehicle charging stations.  Nothing for you to do here …. Tom (Steeplecom) has a full list of our churches; if/when a church is sought after by the companies Tom is working with, he will reach out to your DS to explain the opportunity.
  • ( is an immediate opportunity for any church that has unused space they may want to rent out. It could be as small as a broom closet to a full wing.  This partner helps get you connected with people who may want to rent the space.  Tom’s team can assist you if needed.

Download presentation here.

About the Conference Council on Finance and Administration

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The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for carrying out the policies of the CCFA and strives to minister to the needs of clergy and churches of the Greater New Jersey Conference in the areas of :

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