Rooted (GNJUMC Annual Conference 2019)

Webinar | Unlocking Parking Revenue

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Helping churches drive revenue from their parking lots

Park Thrive, a customizable parking management solution, helps churches drive new revenue from their underused parking lots or existing parking operations. Vetted and endorsed by the United Methodist General Council on Finance & Administration (GCFA), through its Ministry Partner Program, Park Thrive helps churches in parking-challenged areas turn their unused spaces into revenue drivers.

Park Thrive has an exclusive pricing structure for United Methodist churches through GCFA; and there are no upfront costs, leases or commitments. Your church maintains control of its parking lot.  You determine what days and hours the paid parking is available; and it’s flexible enough to change as needed. The church keeps the majority of the steady revenue stream it creates.

GNJ Conference Treasurer Rob Zuckerman hosted an hourlong information session about this opportunity February 26.  If you missed it, you can still view the recording and PowerPoint slides to help you make a profitable decision.

About the Conference Council on Finance and Administration

The Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CCFA) oversees the work of the Conference Treasurer and his staff.

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for carrying out the policies of the CCFA and strives to minister to the needs of clergy and churches of the Greater New Jersey Conference in the areas of :

  • Collection and Distribution of Shared Ministry Remittances
  • Church Property, Liability and Workers Compensation Programs
  • Clergy Benefits, Pension, Health and Wellness Programs
  • Clergy and Church Tax Information
  • Clergy and Church Federal and State Regulations
  • Records and Statistical Data Related to Churches

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