The Board serves a crucial role in the process of church growth and development. The Board is in a unique position to be both a sounding board and a safety net helping churches discern direction and deploy resources in the most effective way possible.

Each church in the Capital district has been assigned a member of the board to serve as their representative and liaison. Board members are available to their assigned local churches to assist with any business the local church has with the board. You can determine which board member has been assigned to your local church by referring to the liaison representative list.

The Board reviews and approves decisions of local churches in the Capital District regarding:

  • “Sharing” and lease arrangements;
  • Sale and mortgage of local church property.
  • Building, renovation, and acquisition plans (at least three times during the project development process).

Questions asked by the Board during church presentations ensure that thorough analysis occurs and decisions to move forward or change course are made with integrity.

While each church will feel strongly about the use, development, acquisition or sale of their property, the Board must determine whether a project appropriately serves the mission of a church and whether a church is adequately prepared to move forward on a project. A central focus of the Board’s analysis is determining whether a project grows out of a clear vision for productive future ministry or is simply motivated by the fond hope that “new construction will bring new members” or a “new tenant will bring needed income.”

The Board also ensures that decisions made by the local church are not made in isolation from other churches. The Board is responsible for developing district strategy for church location and new church development.

Another responsibility of the Board of Church Location and Building is to:

  • Participate in church-owned parsonage inspections. Members of the board serve as the District Superintendent’s representatives and assist local congregations with annual parsonage inspections. An annual inspection and report is a required element of the annual church conference reports.

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