Javier Barroso-Rodriquez Chair, Christian Unity and Inter-religious Concerns
Steven Bechtold Chair, Committee on Equitable Compensation
Tanya Bennett Chair, Board of Church and Society
Sarah Borgstrom Lee Chair, Committee on Small Church Membership
DeAnna Brathwaite Mays Chair, Council on Young Adults
John Callanan Chair, Commission on Archives and History
Jennifer Cho Chair, Board of Pensions and Health Benefits
Judy Colorado Chair, Committee on Nominations
Gabrielle Corbett Chair, Parish and Community Development
Chuck Del Camp Chair, Committee on Communications
Karline Dubuisson Chair, Connectional Table
Mathew Enzler President, Board of Trustees
Gail Gould Chair, Committee on Native American Ministries
Peggy Holder Chair, Committee on Disability Concerns
Charlie Kinch Chair,  Council on Youth Ministries
Cesar Miyares Chair, Committee on Hispanic/Latino Ministries
Veronica Palmer Chair, Ethnic and Local Church Concerns
Miso Park Chair, Religion and Race
Carolyn Pendleton Chair, Committee on the Episcopacy
Isabel Quezada Chair, Board of Global Ministries
Iraida Ruiz De Porras Chair, Board of Higher Ed and Campus Ministries
Michelle Ryoo Chair, Board of Ordained Ministry
Sugandh Salvi Conference UMM President
Shelley Smith Conference Secretary
Anna Thomas Chair, Board of Discipleship
Marissa van der Valk Chair, Commission on Status and Role of Women
Vasanth Victor Chair, CF&A
Susan Zahorbenski President, Conference United Women in Faith
Sang Won Doh Dean, Cabinet
Eric Drew Director, Connectional Ministries
Nicola Mulligan Assistant to the Bishop
Diana Picurro Connectional Ministries Manager
John Schol Resident Bishop
Robert Zuckerman Chief Financial Officer

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