Series Overview

Designed for April/May.

As a deep breath fills your lungs with life-giving oxygen, the stories of Jesus will invite you to fill your life with life-giving good news. Be ready to catch your breath even when life is hard!

Catch Your Breath Sermon Series

Week 1: Catch Your Breath in Times of Grief | John 20:1-18
Have moments of shock, grief or unexpected trauma taken your breath away? We all experience the heartache of loss. Even when we are standing at the tomb, the Gospels offer us a word of hope!

Week 2: Catch Your Breath in Times of Fear | John 20:19-30
There are many things that keep us locked in fear. Finances, broken relationships, addictions, the unknown, our past, the list can go on and on. We all have fears. Even when we are locked in the room of our fears, Jesus breathes new life into us!

Week 3: Catch Your Breath in Times of Exhaustion | John 21:1-19
Are you expected to do more work in the same amount of time? Are you overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in your professional, personal, church and volunteer life? Most of us are exhausted by all of life’s demands. Just when we think we have nothing left to give, Jesus offers us nourishment and restores all that we need!

Week 4: Catch Your Breath in Times of Doubt | John 10:22-30
Life after death? Touching the wounds of a risen man? Miracles at the sea? If it is hard to believe, you are not alone. Many of us wrestle with our doubts and question our faith and even God. Even the angriest doubters are invited to come to Jesus and bring their questions to him. Even during our doubts, Christ calls us into relationship and invites us to believe!

Week 5: Catch Your Breath in Times of Loneliness | John 13:31-35
We can be surrounded by people and still feel incredibly lonely. We can experience abandonment by loved ones and betrayal. At times we all wonder if we are in the world alone as an individual or if we are connected to one another by something bigger and deeper. Even amid these struggles, Christ calls us into a powerful community that is based on loving one another!

Week 6: Catch Your Breath in Times of Division | John 5:1-9
Lost friends or family members when discussing politics? Can’t agree on the little things let alone the big national and global issues? We live in a divided time. Jesus shows a better way, a way of unity that brings us together!

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