Colorado Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes on March 28

The stand against racism, Asian hate and false perceptions of Asian immigrants continued on March 28 as the Korean American Clergy Caucus of GNJ hosted its own vigil both in person at Arcola Korean UMC and online. To view and share, visit here.

Conference Lay Leader Judy Colorado was among the speakers at the vigil that day. To read her message, click here.

The Board of Laity is charged to:

  • Foster an awareness of the role of the laity within the local congregations; and to promote and develop programs to cultivate an adequate understanding of the theological and biblical basis for lay life and work;
  • Develop and promote stewardship of time, talent, and possessions;
  • Provide for the training of lay members of the annual conference;
  • Provide support and direction for the ministry of the Laity on the local, district and annual conference levels and to promote the observation of Laity Sunday;
  • Provide organization, direction, and support for the development of local church lay leaders.


  • Support the strategic plan to create vital congregations using the 5 markers of vitality:  new disciples, small groups for learning and faith formation,  worship, mission, and generous giving.
  • Increase learning opportunities for laity leadership through our educational opportunities such as: the Laity Leadership Academy, Servant Leadership Ministries and CLM programs.
  • Celebrate and engage laity to share innovative local church ministries through our yearly laity Celebration/Recognition Worship Service.
  • Engage laity in “Ministry With the Poor” at district levels to create a network of churches and mission centers that address root causes of poverty by educating and coordinating sustainable ministries that change lives:
  • Develop a data bank of essential resources of all agencies, interfaith programs related to working with the poor;
  • Coordinate and support programs that seek recovery and resourcing to move persons to means of self-sufficiency.
  • Identify one area of poverty across the conference that we will address together as a way to witness to the region of the Great Commandment!


  • Nomination Form for At-Large Lay Member to Conference

    Nomination Form for At-Large Lay Member to Conference

    For nomination of laity to Annual Conference in the 2021-2024 quadrennium. Each local church is invited to nominate one person who is a member of their church. The Church Council must complete the enclosed form and the nominated person must accept with signature. The Laity Council will elect members from among these nominations at their April meeting. Updated 12.6.21

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