The Board of Laity is charged to:

  • Foster an awareness of the role of the laity within the local congregations; and to promote and develop programs to cultivate an adequate understanding of the theological and biblical basis for lay life and work;
  • Develop and promote stewardship of time, talent, and possessions;
  • Provide for the training of lay members of the annual conference;
  • Provide support and direction for the ministry of the Laity on the local, district and annual conference levels and to promote the observation of Laity Sunday;
  • Provide organization, direction, and support for the development of local church lay leaders.


  • Support the strategic plan to create vital congregations using the 5 markers of vitality:  new disciples, small groups for learning and faith formation,  worship, mission, and generous giving.
  • Increase learning opportunities for laity leadership through our educational opportunities such as: the Laity Leadership Academy, Servant Leadership Ministries and CLM programs.
  • Celebrate and engage laity to share innovative local church ministries through our yearly laity Celebration/Recognition Worship Service.
  • Engage laity in “Ministry With the Poor” at district levels to create a network of churches and mission centers that address root causes of poverty by educating and coordinating sustainable ministries that change lives:
  • Develop a data bank of essential resources of all agencies, interfaith programs related to working with the poor;
  • Coordinate and support programs that seek recovery and resourcing to move persons to means of self-sufficiency.
  • Identify one area of poverty across the conference that we will address together as a way to witness to the region of the Great Commandment!


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