Appointment Practices

All clergy will be appointed with the understanding that they will serve seven or more years and 10 or more years for clergy after their first two appointments.

Appointments are based on

  • A pastor’s willingness, passion, ability, and track record to engage a congregation in being faithful and fruitful to grow vital congregation.
  • A congregation’s willingness, passion, and track record to collaborate with pastoral leadership to grow a vital congregation.
  • The gifts, missional needs, and personal needs of a community, congregation, pastor and the conference. Personal needs of clergy will be considered as they are listed yearly on the appointment profile/advisory form.

Consultation will be sought by the district superintendent with pastors and congregations (staff parish relations committee) about present and future missional opportunities and challenges. This consultation will include yearly written evaluations of the pastor and congregation, clergy appointment profile/advisory form, and church profile. The written evaluation and appointment advisory form will be completed/updated yearly December 1. Churches may request an appointment change through the profile if the congregation has negotiated clear expectations with the pastor in consultation with the district superintendent and conducted at least four quarterly reviews indicating a strong need for improvement by the pastor in several ministry areas.

Pastors and congregations may ask for reconsideration of an introduced appointment based on missional reasons (pastor’s or congregation’s ability to spread scriptural holiness, make and engage disciples, grow a vital congregation). The following will not be taken into consideration: race, class, educational achievement of a pastor or congregation as well as the location and size of a congregation. A pastor may ask for reconsideration by sending an email to their superintendent within 24 hours of being notified about the appointment or a Staff Parish Relations Committee Chairperson may ask for reconsideration by sending an e-mail to their superintendent within 24 hours following the introduction of a pastor to the SPRC. The e-mail should identify why this appointment will inhibit growing a vital congregation and/or to make and engage disciples for the transformation of the world.

The personal needs of pastors are important to the superintendent and bishop, and all personal issues are to be shared with the superintendent through the pastoral profile/advisory form by December 1 of each year. Discipleship and personal concerns will be reviewed by the cabinet in every appointment. The bishop, based on reflections and prayer by the pastor, the staff parish relations committee and the superintendents, will make the final decision on a request for reconsideration based on missional reasons.

All appointments begin on the date set by the bishop.

  • The bishop is responsible for aligning charges (forming circuits, cooperative ministries and campus ministries).
  • The cabinet will work to ensure pay and appointment equity for clergy of color and clergy women.
  • Churches and pastors where apportionments, pension or health benefits are not paid will be a strong reason to consider reassigning a pastor and reducing the appointment to part time or align the congregation with another congregation.
  • The appointment system is built on clear and direct communication and collegiality. It is important for churches and pastors to communicate clearly and directly their vision, hopes, needs and concerns about an appointment.  Pastors and congregations are to speak directly with their district superintendent about appointment issues.
  • All pastors seeking retirement, extension ministry, appointment to attend school, or any other change in status are to write by December 31. Notification by December 31 assists with appointment preparation and making.