Finance Committee


  • The finance committee is to oversee the income and expenses of the congregation so that the financial resources are carrying out the mission and ministry of the congregation, ensuring sufficient funds are raised and budgeted to meet all of the obligations of the congregation including giving 100% of shared ministry apportionments and billings, developing good financial policies and procedures to safeguard the congregation’s resources, make decisions for the long-term health and sustainability of the congregation’s mission and ministry and initiate a stewardship campaign each year to raise the funds to support the mission and ministry of the congregation.

Typical Agenda

  • Open with Bible reading or devotion and prayer.
  • Identify
    • Where did we see God working through the finances since the last meeting?
    • What is going well with the finances? Why?
    • What challenges are we encountering Why?
  • Financial Report
    • Income – on target, why or why not?
    • Expenses – on target, why or why not?
    • Investments – report from the Foundation or investment firm. What draw if any will be taken from investments. Recommended that 5% or less be drawn per year. If part of the investments is from the sale of property, is it appropriately segmented? If not, how will this money be segmented. This can only be used for capital expenditures by the Book of Discipline.
  • What will the finance committee do to build on the congregation’s strengths and address the challenges?
  • How will the committee communicate a positive message about finances that encourages people to be generous?
  • What has been done to follow up from the last stewardship campaign?
  • What plans should be made for the next stewardship campaign?
  • What plans are being made to address issues from the last audit and how are we preparing for the next audit.
  1. Charge/Church Conference Form
    Select the following link to complete the Finance Report that must be completed by ???
  2. Sustainability Assessment
    Has the committee reviewed the sustainability report for the congregation? Do you have a plan to strengthen the sustainability of the congregation’s mission and ministry? You may learn about sustainability and receive your report by selecting Pathway Sustainability.
  3. Growing giving
    The following are links with ideas about how to increase giving

The following are practices the most successful churches do to create a culture of generosity.

  • Thank people over and over for their giving. Personal note, in their giving statement, when you see them on Sunday or during the week, call them on the phone, etc.
  • Connect giving with a personal story of someone helped or a mission project.
  • Make it easy for people to donate how they want to donate – offering plate, mailing a check, online contributions, offering envelopes, sale of stocks, IRA contribution, donation of real estate, leave the church in their will, etc. Different people want to use different ways to give. Provide many different opportunities. List in the bulletin and news letter regularly the different ways to give.
  • Tell stories about givers with their permission. It does not always have to be about the biggest gifts.
  • Preach teach about giving several times a year and use giving illustrations in sermons.
  • Tell people of exciting giving opportunities over and above regular giving.
  1. Conducting an audit
    Select the following link to learn about conducting an audit for your congregation – audit_guide