What is our vision?

We see transformational leaders cultivating passionate disciples of Jesus Christ in congregations with:

  • Passionate Faith – Shape mature and fearless disciples that others want to emulate
  • Boundless Hope – Inspire positive vision of current and future ministry
  • Courageous Spirit – Connect with the community through risk-taking relevant mercy and justice ministries
  • Transformational Leadership – Difference-makers who transform people’s lives, the congregation and the community
  • Congregational Vitality – Vibrant and life changing congregations
  • Regenerative Resources – Extravagant generosity that inspires new giving and resources

What is our purpose?

Transform the world by recruiting and developing transformational leaders who make passionate disciples of Jesus Christ and grow vital congregations.

What are our core values?

Our ministry is shaped and guided by being:

  • Christ-Centered – the unbreakable and unifying source of our faith and hope
  • Compassionate and Just – a shared expression of our Wesleyan heritage
  • Diverse – a true reflection of the all-welcoming nature of the reign of God
  • Innovative and Risk-Taking – a bridge to what is next
  • Excellent – a gospel imperative for greater impact in the world

What is a disciple?

A Holy Spirit-led follower of Christ whose passion every day is to know, grow in, live and share the life of Jesus.

What is a transformational leader?

A Holy Spirit-led servant-leader that forges a path forward where others do not see the way.  A GNJ leader reaches out beyond the walls of the church into the community to transform lives by spreading God’s love, hope and justice and bearing witness to Jesus Christ.

GNJ leaders are fruitful by growing new disciples, worship, small groups, mission engagement and giving.  GNJ works with and grow leaders to be:

  • Fruitful –grow new passionate disciples, inspiring worship, active small groups, risk taking community mission, and generous giving to mission.
  • Transformational –lead congregations through missional, cultural and identity change.
  • Apostolic –are on a clear mission to create something more than what is. Their leadership transform the congregation and community.

What is a vital congregation?

A Holy Spirit-led community of passionate disciples who are working together to grow new disciples, inspiring worship, active small groups, risk taking community mission, and generous giving to mission.

What does world transformation look like?

A community where lives are changed, hope abounds, diversity is embraced, and all have the opportunity, knowledge and skills to live to their full God-given potential.