Thank you for applying to Pathways! Pathways is a process and guide to help you discern God’s calling and plan for your congregation. Pathways offers your congregation an opportunity to assess your current situation, to learn and grow in understanding, and to create a plan that will give your congregation the tools and a plan to transform lives, the congregation, and your community.

Pathways will create clarity and focus for your ministry that will bear fruit and sustainable results. Depending on the goals of your local congregation this work may take 3 to 18 months.

Your congregation will be doing this work as a team, led by the pastor. If you desire, a facilitator/coach can support your congregation’s leadership in completing and achieving your plan.

Churches will be notified of next steps in EPA by Conference Leadership Development Manager, Steve Morton, or in GNJ by Regional Resource Director, Rev. Gina Yeske at Address all questions to Megan McKay, Resource Manager

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