Friends in Christ,

We are looking forward to the 2021 Annual Conference for United Methodists of Greater New Jersey that will take place in May. Details of the Annual Conference sessions are being planned, and information will be shared in January.

Legislative Recommendations
Important business will be decided. Following the Rules of Order of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference (Rule III, 19 a-b), please be advised: Legislative recommendations including nominations to be approved by the Annual Conference session, proposals, resolutions and motions may be proposed by any committee, commission, agency, clergy member, lay member or local church. The deadline to submit recommendations to be included in the pre-conference journal is Monday, February 15, 2021. Anyone submitting a recommendation is expected to attend the Annual Conference.

All recommendations must be submitted by using the website form by Monday, February 15, 2021. Recommendations need to include the following:

  • the name and contact information for the person submitting the recommendation
  • the person who will present the recommendation
  • indication whether the recommendation has financial impact
  • the title of the recommendation.

(Recommendations with financial implications will be given to the Conference Council on Finance and Administration for review prior to the Annual Conference (Rule VIII, 71).
Click here to learn more and submit a legislative recommendation.

All committees, boards and agencies are expected to submit an annual report for inclusion in the pre-conference journal. The deadline to submit reports is Monday, February 15, 2021.
Click here to submit a report.

The 2021 pre-conference Journal will be available online and mailed to all members in April 2021.

If you have questions concerning the procedures for submitting legislation and reports, please contact me directly at

May you, your families and congregations be well, embracing peace and hope during this Christmas season.

In Christ,

Rev. Shelley Smith, Conference Secretary
United Methodists of Great New Jersey