Laity Delegates to General Conference

Bethany Amey

Bethany Amey, lay member of Trinity UMC in Clayton, will chair the lay delegation, previously having served as lay delegate in both the 2012 and 2016 General Conferences; she was one of 12 legislative committee chairs in 2016 (Church and Society, Group 1). Bethany also sits on the GNJ Rules Committee. “I pray that we continue to be change makers and leaders in the areas of disaster response and global health,” said Bethany, and that “we continue to embrace love, do justice, and walk humbly with God.”

Judy Colorado

2019 Laity NominationJudy Colorado, lay member of Community UMC in Kenilworth, currently serves on the board of directors for United Methodist Communities. Judy is co-chair for the budget committee of GNJ’s Council on Finance and Administration and serves on the CF&A boards at the jurisdictional and denominational level. Judy repre-sented GNJ as delegate at both the Northeastern Jurisdictional and General Conferences in 2016. “I am hopeful that General Confer-ence will be a time of renewal for the church,” Judy stated, “and of conversations on changes that we need to explore and embrace to be more effective and efficient in our ministry work together.”

Harriett Olson

Harriett Olson, lay member of Morristown UMC, current CEO and general secretary for United Methodist Women and three-time delegate to Jurisdictional and General Conferences, joins the laity delegation. Harriett has also served as GNJ’s Chair for the Council on Ministries and member of the denominational General Board of Discipleship. “I hope the UMC invites and welcomes people to a deep journey of faith,” Harriett remarks, “We must find ways to treat each other with honor and respect, not just for our side to ‘win’.”

Stephen Quigg

2019 Laity NominationStephen Quigg, lay member of Elmer UMC, currently board member of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, brings over 40 years of missionary experience to GNJ’s delegation. Ste-phen has served in Nigeria and the DR of Congo as pilot/mechanic and as aviation coordinator for the United Methodist Aviation Min-istries and has been a longtime mission advocate for the General Board of Global Ministries. He hopes that “in Minneapolis we lay the foundation of a fruitful and faithful UMC of the future.”

Clergy General Conference Delegates

Drew Dyson

Drew Dyson, full member elder, executive director of the Princ-eton Senior Resource Center, will chair the GNJ clergy delegation. Drew has served as delegate to General Conference in 2012, to the Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference in 2012 and 2016 and cur-rently sits on the NEJ Boundaries Committee. He is also the outgoing District Superintendent for the Raritan Valley District of GNJ. A mis-sional church “moves beyond institutional survival and sees vitality not only in metrics, but in lives changes and communities trans-formed,” said Drew, “Wesleyan faith weaves personal spiritual formation with societal transformation, towards the embodiment of God’s kingdom.”

Hector A. Burgos

hector burgosHector A. Burgos, full member elder, current Director of Connec-tional Ministries for GNJ, recently appointed Capital District Super-intendent and member of both the Board of Ordained Ministry and Next Generation Ministries, joins the clergy delegation. Hector is also director of communications for the national Hispanic caucus, MARCHA. Hector states “I hope that General Conference, guided by the Holy Spirit, will set a bold vision for mission in the world and gracefully discern a clear, courageous, implementable and sustain-able plan that will strengthen our witness around the world and welcome and include all people.”

Kaleigh Tomich Corbett

Kaleigh Tomich Corbett, provisional member, currently pastor at Frankford Plains UMC (recently appointed to Milford UMC) and previously associate pastor of Princeton and Bishop Janes UMCs, brings her experience in youth ministry to the delegation. Kaleigh has served on GNJ’s Youth and Young Adult Ministries Team and worked in GNJ’s camping ministry. “It is time to move towards rec-onciliation and hope in becoming inclusive to all” noted Kaleigh, “I believe there is a way to both honor our diverse theological perspec-tives and remain in ministry together.”

Jennifer Cho

2019 Clergy NominationJennifer Cho, elder, pastor at Bridgewater UMC, member of the Board of Ordained Ministries and vice-chair of the Board of Pension, joins the GNJ clergy delegation. Jennifer has previously chaired the Commission on Equitable Compensation for GNJ and sat on the national EC board. Jennifer hopes that at General Conference “the UMC will offer a large tent of inclusiveness which embraces people of all backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, theologies and convictions,” and adding the quote (from the Latin) that prescribes, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.”

Clergy Jurisdictional Conference Delegates

Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams, elder, is Professor of Preaching and Worship at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, PA. Catherine has previously served as associate pastor and administrative pastor at Princeton UMC and Chambers UMC in Trenton. Catherine prays that “the United Methodist Church comes to terms with what it truly means to be a global church,” and to, “demonstrate radical hospitality to all God’s people.” She adds, “I hope and pray for the spirit of love, grace and unity to prevail, through us and in spite of us.”

Thomas Lank

2019 Clergy NominationThomas Lank, full member deacon, jurisdictional coordinator for United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (Northeastern) is also serving as vice chair on both GNJ and the NEJ’s Commit-tees on Episcopacy as well on the interjurisdictional COE board. Thomas represented GNJ at the General and Interjurisdictional Conferences in 2016. “The current moment is a test of our faith,” Thomas stated, “my hope is that we come through the test stronger, ready to tackle new challenges with prophetic voice, such as taking action in climate change.”