About the team:

At the GNJ Special Session in March, the GNJ Connectional Table created a GNJ Way Forward Team to identify and propose a plan to the Annual Conference Session by or before the May 2020 Annual Conference Session to include how GNJ will:

  1. support congregations in different contexts to be in ministry with the LGBTQI+ community respect and honor one another based on our theological and cultural differences,
  2. share our hopes and concerns with United Methodists around the world.

The GNJ Way Forward Team is comprised of a diverse group of clergy and congregational leaders that represent our rich theological, cultural, and generational diversity. The team members include GNJ leaders of the Board of Laity, Board of Global Ministries, Board of Trustees, Board of Ordained Ministries, Connectional Table, Council for Finance and Administration, Local Ethnic Concerns Committee, Reconciling Ministries, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, Wesleyan Covenant Association and Youth Council.

The team members are:

Rachel Callender Rev. Kay Dubuisson
Robert Dietz Rev. Sang Won Doh
Zach Holder Rev. Amanda Hemenetz
Diana Pearce Rev. Thomas Korkuch
Kathleen Schulz Rev. Isabel Quezada
Lewis Weil Rev. Cliff Still
Rosa Williams Rev. David Wehrle
Michael Hoon Yang Rev. Jessica Winderweedle
Rev. Jeffrey Bills

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