The following are videos that were screened during Annual Conference 2016 highlighting a few of the many ministries and organizations throughout Greater New Jersey. Downloading for church-use is possible by clicking the “vimeo” button at the bottom right of each video, then clicking the “Download” button that appears below the video.

“Imagine a World” // Greater New Jersey Annual Conference 2016 Intro Video

“How to Make a New Disciple” // A GNJ Connectional Ministries Team Short

Director of New Disciples Trey Wince explains how to take a new visitor and lead them through deeper Christian discipleship. To connect with the CMT, please contact Director of Connectional Ministries Rev. Hector Burgos.

  • Héctor A. Burgos

  • Eric Drew

IGNITE Youth Conference 2016 Promo Video

Director of Worship Eric Drew talks about the IGNITE Youth Conference 2016 going on at Wildwood NJ from September 30 to October 2, 2016. Register now at:

  • Eric Drew

Greenhouse Church // Church Planters Story ft. Rev. Hoon Kim

Rev. Hoon Kim talks about the new faith community in Northern New Jersey coming in the summer of 2016, exploring the reasons for and challenges of church planting. For more info, go to:


Executive Director Bria Pierre shares about CAMP YDP’s visions for developing the youth of Paterson, NJ. For more info, go to:

The Neighborhood Center // Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Camden, NJ

Executive Director Michael Landis talks about The Neighborhood Center and the major impact it has had – and is still having – in the Camden community to break the cycle of poverty. Resident Artist Tawanda Jones also shares about the Sophisticated Sisters program that fights poverty by building character and self-worth in children through performing arts. For more info, go to:

CUMAC - ECHO // Fighting Hunger in Paterson, NJ

Executive Director Rev. Pat Bruger talks about CUMAC-ECHO and the major impact Methodists have had on the Paterson community. Rev. Bruger shares that this large organization began because of one person’s call, and encourages all that we all can make a difference. For more info, go to:

Respond Inc.

Dr. Wilbur Mitchell talks about Respond Inc. and the major impact Methodists have had on the Northern Camden community. What started as a missions project from Haddonfield UMC is currently a multi-million self-sustaining nonprofit organization. Most recently, Respond Inc. setup a auto-repair facility that will partner with Subaru to bring more jobs to Camden. For more info, go to: