The Eastern PA and Greater NJ conferences have worked together to produce a full worship service on video. It features Christmas liturgy, music and a sermon preached by Bishop John Schol.

  • The theme is “Wonder” and is a Christmastide service – meaning, you and your church can use it on Christmas Day, on New Year’s Day, or however you see fit during the Christmastide season.
  • We have a full service you can download and play  — OR —  portions of the service separated out (the music and the sermon) so you can use however you see fits your context.
  • Music has been recorded in three languages (English, Spanish, and Korean), and the sermon has been subtitled into Spanish and Korean.
  • To download, click the video link, and then click the “down arrow” download icon on the bottom right.

WONDER // Christmastide Full Service (English, Español, 한국어)

Worship Music Selections / Selecciones de Música / 찬송 모음

"Wonder" // Sermon by Bishop John Schol (English, Español, 한국어)

Thank You to our Contributors:

Jong Min Ahn
Rev. Javier Barroso
Youngkwang Jun
Rev. Sooah Na

Liturgy & Word:
Rev. Samuel Arroyo
Rev. Evelyn Kent-Clark
Rev. Maria Quesada “Lisa” DePaz
Rev. Sangwon Doh
Rev. Hun Ju Lee
Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm
Bishop John Schol

Transcription & Translations:
Rev. John Coleman
Dulce Drew
Soomin Lee

Audio/Video Production:
David Beverly
Corbin Payne