GNJ strives to act with integrity, honesty and respect for all persons with whom we come into contact.  We rely on employees to help us by speaking up whenever any situation threatens our values and our reputation. When they do, employees provide the information necessary to remedy the situation.

Such situations may pertain to:

  • Ethics and compliance issues, such as concerns about ethical organizational behavior and accounting and financial reporting matters
  • Employee relations, such as concerns about your work environment, discrimination, retaliation or other Human Resource/Personnel Policy matters
  • Compliance with laws and regulations, such as concerns about labor laws, workers’ compensation laws, etc.
  • Personal security, such as concerns about harassment, bullying, threats, intimidation, workplace safety, firearms, etc. (Specific procedures for reporting and investigating instances of harassment and bullying are detailed in the GNJ Employee Handbook.)
  • Asset protection, such as concerns about theft or misuse of funds, equipment, materials, supplies, etc.
  • Illegal acts, such as concerns about sexual molestation of children and at-risk adults, the use, sale or possession of illegal substances on conference property, etc.

Employees are encouraged to discuss their concerns first with their immediate manager, with the Human Resource Director Jay Kim, or the CFO / Conference Treasurer Robert Zuckerman.

If employees have concerns that they do not feel comfortable discussing with their immediate manager, the HR Director or the CFO / Conference Treasurer, or feel that they have not received a satisfactory answer or resolution, they should contact:

  • For financial related concerns:  President of Council on Finance and Administration (Vasanth Victor at
  • For all other concerns:  Chair of Human Resource/Personnel Committee of CF&A (Iona Harding at

If they prefer, they can e-mail both individuals.

GNJ will courteously treat any person who invokes the whistleblower policy and will handle all complaints swiftly and confidentially to the extent possible consistent with ability to conduct a full and fair investigation and to comply with legal requirements. All reports will be investigated in a timely manner.

GNJ prohibits retaliatory action against an employee or any other person for reporting wrongdoing.

GNJ may not in any way retaliate against an individual who makes a report of wrongdoing.

Robert Zuckerman, our CFO / Conference Treasurer, is available to discuss any questions concerning this policy.  He can be contacted at