Spiritual Renewal Through Creativity

June 21, 2016 | | Worship | Worship, Creativity

I started this year with a personal goal to become a songwriter. By next year I will write a whole album of worship music.

I expected a challenge. Songwriting is not easy work and I had never done it before. One thing that I did not expect as I set out on my songwriting journey is that it would completely renew my spiritual life. It has changed the way I look at the world.

  1. Songwriting has helped me create a spiritual discipline. I wake to write early in the morning. My alarm goes off so that I can get a workout in, and by 6:15 or 6:30 (earlier on the good days) I’m doing devotional time and writing. I find that I carry this mindset of devotion and creativity with me throughout the day. This discipline has given me a new set of eyes with which to see God working all around us.
  2. Songwriting has been a new craft to learn. I know a lot about music, but I’d never written any. After some time working on my own I bought a couple books. I’ve started working with a songwriting coach. This challenge has awoken my spirit that loves to learn, my curiosity and my imagination.
  3. Songwriting has challenged me to be spiritually vulnerable. As I write, I bare my soul in words, notes and rhythms. Sharing those is terrifying. What will people think? Will it be good enough? Will anyone want to sing it? I have a long way to go in dealing with vulnerability, but I’m (very slowly) growing deeper into my security and identity as a Child of God.

You may not be called to write music, but you are a creative force. God, the first and most creative being in the universe, created you in God’s image. Creativity surfaces in unexpected places. Some people are creative with the words and music, others with numbers, spreadsheets and problem solving. You are a child of God, you’re filled with the same Creative Spirit. Reconnecting with God through creativity might just awaken your faith in new and surprising ways.

I challenge you to begin a new creative endeavor, for yourself or with your community. Use your imagination. Develop disciplines, learn new crafts and risk being spiritually vulnerable. Reconnect with God’s Creative Spirit.

I’ll be accountable to you on the progress of my songwriting. What will you be accountable for? Let me know how you will be reconnecting with God’s Creative Spirit.

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