Parsonage Standards

As Approved by the October 2020 GNJ Annual Conference Session

In addition to the Parsonage Standards approved at the 2020 Annual Conference, the Cabinet has included additional COVID-19 protocols for cleaning parsonages upon a change of pastoral appointment:
Pastors shall leave the parsonage in a “broom clean” state which shall include cleaning and disinfecting counters, appliances and bathroom fixtures.

At the time of a move, the church is responsible for cleaning and preparing the parsonage for the new pastor and family. Out of an abundance of caution, all surfaces such as kitchen counters, appliances and cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and church owned furniture that has been used by the parsonage family during their time in the parsonage should be cleaned and disinfected even if done by the parsonage family. Other cleaning includes washing or dry-cleaning curtains and drapes, cleaning window blinds, shampooing carpets and/or washing floor coverings, washing windows, cleaning and disinfecting garbage cans, doorknobs, etc.

Congregations and pastors are to follow the guidelines of the state and the CDC with regard to effective and proper cleaning procedures of parsonages at the time of a pastoral change. The most updated information for cleaning and disinfection is available on the CDC website at: