A Future with Hope Change By-laws

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following change to the By-Laws, Article IV. Board of Trustees, Section 2
read (changes are underlined):
All Trustees will be elected by the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (hereinafter "GNJAC") upon nomination by the GNJAC Nominating Committee as provided in Article VII Section 1. The Board of Trustees of the Corporation shall provide recommendations of candidates to the GNJAC Nominating Committee. There shall be no prohibition of paid employees of GNJAC to serve as Trustees. Unless elected to fill a vacancy, Trustees shall be nominated at the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees. In the event of a mid-year vacancy, the board of trustees may fill the vacancy. The board member must then be elected by the GNJAC in order to continue to serve.
Bobbie Ridgely, Secretary