Ep. 33 Desegregating NJ Schools ft. Justice Gary Stein & Bishop John Schol

Although New Jersey is an extremely diverse State, segregation by race, ethnicity and class in New Jersey’s public schools is among the worst in the United States. At the upcoming Greater New Jersey Annual Conference, legislation will go before the voting body asking whether we as United Methodists want to sign on a lawsuit, produced by The Coalition for Diverse and Inclusive Schools, to desegregate schools in New Jersey. We sit down with former Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court the Honorable Gary Stein who helped coordinate this lawsuit and Bishop of the United Methodists of Greater New Jersey, John Schol to ask what the lawsuit is and why desegregation of NJ schools matters.


1. GNJ Page on Segregation on New Jersey Schools
2. The Coalition for Diverse and Inclusive Schools
3. NJSpotlight Interactive Map on NJ School Diversity
4. This American Life Podcast: “The Problem We All Live With – Part One”

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