IGNITE: World Changers | September 28 – September 30, 2018

You are the Light of the World – Matthew 5:14

What is a World Changer?
A World Changer recognizes the Divine Spark which has been placed within them. They don’t hide who God has called them to be; they claim their identity and God’s purpose for their lives. A World Changer has an impact on the world around them. Following Jesus changes the world for us – and others. At IGNITE 2018 students from grades 6-12 from around the region gather in Wildwood, NJ, to claim their Divine Spark within and be released to go and change the world.

You have the Divine Spark within you. You are created by God, in God’s image. You can build your foundation on Christ, not what others say, think or do. When you do, you’ll find that God made you with a purpose, not to hide but to shine God’s light and love for all to see. We want students to claim the Divine Spark which is within them.

When we claim the Divine Spark and place our identity in Christ, the world changes for us. We will live differently, and that will change the world. Shining God’s light and love around us means that we live differently, sparking peace, hope and justice for our communities and the world. We want to release our students to live into God’s call on their lives to change the world.

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