We Are God’s Miracle: A Series on Miracles in our Midst

December 5, 2018 | GNJ News, Miracles Everywhere

When Maggie Reid, a GNJ pastor serving Hancock’s Bridge and Quinton UMCs in the Delaware Bay District entered the classroom at Palmer Theological Seminary, she noticed one of her classmates crying.  She asked to help and learned that this woman was having a terrible week.  Her computer crashed, she lost her final paper, her mother was ill, her husband was out of town.  Her life was extremely stressful.

Reid prayed with her and then returned to her seat.  Reid herself was ill.  She had a respiratory illness and was running a fever.  She decided to power through class and go to the doctor afterward.

“I couldn’t breathe,” she said, “My head and chest were so congested I was only able to take short breaths without coughing convulsively.”

Fifteen minutes into the class, Reid needed to leave.  The classmate who she had prayed with earlier followed her.

“She told me that God had sent her,” said Reid.

Reid’s classmate placed her hands on her shoulders and prophesized over her.  The two women cried together and prayed together.

Reid returned to class and her head cleared.  Her chest and throat as well.  By the end of the class her fever broke and her respiratory illness was healed.

“That night I slept 15 hours straight and without coughing or wheezing for the first time in two weeks,” said Reid.

A few months after her healing at school, Reid had her annual checkup.  Reid had a history of health issues that included tumors and cysts.  After reviewing the tests, the doctor shared some stunning news.  All her tests were normal.

“I started laughing” said Reid.  The doctor was just as stunned.  The tumor and cyst were gone.  Her endometriosis was gone.  Her blood tests were all normal.  “My entire body was healed,” she said.

Reid had a close relationship with her doctor and shared how she had been prayed over and healed by one of her classmates.  He listened closely and his own faith allowed him to believe.

“My prayer is that all people would begin to believe and see God’s miracles in their own lives and share their stories too,” said Reid.  “Truly God is in the business of miracles and we are those miracles.  They are happening everywhere.”