Water & Roots Sermon Series Begins, Facebook Group Formed

January 9, 2018 | | GNJ News

NEPTUNE – With 185 churches signed on to the Water & Roots Rediscovering Baptism Initiative, Director of Small Groups Gina Yeske believes God is up to something exciting.

“God is doing an exciting, new things in our congregations by remembering and reaffirming out baptismal vows,” she said. “We are praying with pastors in GNJ and for them as they prepare.”

As United Methodists, we believe that baptism is God’s gift to us as we are claimed as God’s beloved.  As Greater New Jersey United Methodists look to make vital congregations and move out into the communities to make disciples, the Connectional Ministries Team zeroed in on the importance of baptism as a keystone habit and created Water & Roots to help leaders integrate baptism into the life of their congregations.

“A ‘keystone habit’ activates a domino effect of positive outcomes and creates an inordinate impact on an entire organization. Our intention is help congregations recognize that the sacrament of baptism has the potential to be a ‘keystone habit,’ which can have a positive ripple effect throughout the congregation and community.” said Juel Nelson, Director of Leadership Development.

A Facebook group opened as a way to connect pastors and worship leaders across GNJ participating in Water & Roots. Currently at 42 members, the group continues to grow as more pastors join the Rediscovering Baptism movement.

“There have been some great conversations around baptism traditions as well as inspiring stories of baptism shared in the group,” said Yeske. “We look forward to reading more stories and invite all pastors in GNJ to take part.”

The Water & Roots initiative was started in 2017 for churches in GNJ to rediscover the power of baptism. Pastors are invited to sign up at waterandroots.org for free sermon series resources, graphics, promotional materials, small group curriculum, materials for ministry with teens and children, group lessons, news articles, blogs, and ways to celebrate baptism.

“We hope you have taken time to unpack all that Water & Roots has to offer,” said Eric Drew, Director of Worship. “We are so glad to be on this journey together and we wish our pastors in GNJ many blessings as they continue to prepare and see what God is doing as we rediscover the power of God’s Spirit through baptism.”

For more information about Water & Roots and to sign up for resources, visit www.waterandroots.org

If you’re interested in joining the Water & Roots Facebook Group, visit www.Facebook.com/groups/WaterandRoots

Has your church scheduled a baptism? Send stories, photos, and or video footage to Relay Editorial Manager Josh Kinney at jkinney@gnjumc.org