Thank you, John Coleman, for telling our stories

June 26, 2024 | | GNJ News

John Coleman will retire from his journalistic journey on the EPA&GNJ staff June 30 and step into something new. As we reflect on his nearly 11 years of service, we want to say thank you, John, for all that you have done for us and share some words of praise from those who have worked with you.

Dawn Taylor- Storm shared “John Coleman was always willing to go the extra mile, literally, to tell the story of mission and ministry in EPA&GNJ.  I can only imagine how many miles John traveled across our two Annual Conferences, and on every occasion, John was always smiling, gracious, ready and willing to meet people, take photos and learn more about congregation and community. 

John’s passion, diligence, kindness and eloquence has been a gift for EPA&GNJ, and the stories that he shared with us will be an abiding testimony to his belief in the power and possibility present in the United Methodist Church.  If we want to truly honor John, we will continue to grow vital congregations and engage in community transformation, as John would want that story to be told to future generations.”  

An eye for detail, a heart for ministry

Jo Fielding shared “John is an excellent editor with an eye for detail and a heart for ministry.  The church will reap the benefit from his shift to full-time focus on his part-time churches (Is it even possible to work part-time for the church?)  His faith is evident in all he does, and he will be missed in the conference office.”  

His fellow communicators praised his writing talent and style. James Lee, Director of Communications for EPA & GNJ, had this to say about John “His ability to tell powerful stories has been recognized across the connection. I am personally grateful for the wisdom and insights gained from working alongside him. We bless his continued journey, confident that his next steps in ministry and life will be as impactful as his tenure with us.”  

John has poured his heart and soul into telling the stories of EPA & GNJ, tirelessly lifting up bright spots in ministries, and giving voice to those who are too often left out of the conversation. Thank you, John, for reflecting the best of us back to us. We’ll miss you dearly. May God bless you abundantly as you enter into this new season.