Rev. Wayne Plumstead To Retire

December 16, 2015 | Messages from the Bishop

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

After 43 years of service to the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey, Rev. Wayne Plumstead will retire June 30, 2016. Wayne began his ministry journey as a student while attending Princeton Theological Seminary, served six congregations and will conclude active ministry as the District Superintendent of the Palisades District.
During his ministry, Wayne served faithfully and fruitfully. I am grateful for his service to the church and the superintendency. Wayne is a thoughtful and compassionate servant, a good administrator, a gifted preacher and a pastor that leads congregations to grow vitality. As a superintendent, he led and inspired clergy and congregations to excel. During his tenure, he has served as the secretary to the cabinet and most recently on the Conference Board of Trustees during the building of the new Mission and Resource Center. I, the cabinet and all United Methodists in Greater New Jersey give thanks to God for his leadership and service among us.
I will identify a new superintendent in January and seek your input. I choose superintendents from a list of people submitted to me by clergy and laity of the conference. I look for superintendents that are:

  • relational and strategic,
  • gifted in coaching and resourcing,
  • talented at identifying transformational leaders,
  • team players,
  • able to motivate people to pursue vision and goals,
  • fruitful in their ministry,
  • strong administrators, and
  • able to unify the church.

Our Book of Discipline requires that District Superintendents are ordained elders in The United Methodist Church.
I ask you to pray for the conference and me as I select a new superintendent and I invite you to share the names of up to two people who meet the qualifications outlined in this letter. To send me your recommendations, please reply directly to this email by December 23. Thank you.

Keep the faith!

John Schol, Bishop
The United Methodist Church

Greater New Jersey