Organist | Audubon UMC, Wyoming and Graisbuy Avenues, Audubon, NJ

October 6, 2022 | GNJ News, Job Opportunities


  • Demonstrated competency in organ and piano performance both as a soloist and an accompanist
  • Skillful and engaging organ registration that encourages congregational singing and understanding of the text
  • Ability to work well with others, take direction and participate collegially with staff members, pastors, congregational leaders and congregation.
  • Willingness to represent the values of this congregation and the UMC


  • Provide musical accompaniment for the congregation and choir(s) during Sunday morning worship services, special services and rehearsals.
  • Select and competently perform appropriate preludes, postludes, instrumental solos and incidental music (I.e. during communion).
  • Work with the Director of Music, Pastor, and worship committee to select music for worship services that will support the service’s theme and connects the members of our congregation.
  • Recruit suitable substitute organist or pianist to lead worship musically during scheduled absences in consultation with the Director of Music.
  • Liaison with organ repair and maintenance professionals to keep the instrument in properly working condition.


Tasks are expected to take 6-10 hours per week, and include selecting music, providing music for the worship services and accompanying choir rehearsals.  Will also be required to play for special services such as Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve and any other as required.


  • 25 Rank Tellers Pipe Organ
  • Yamaha professional grand piano

To apply contact Marilyn Radley at