Office Administrator, St. Andrew’s UMC of Spring Lake

June 25, 2024 | Job Opportunities

The job as office administrator includes record keeping, bookkeeping and general secretarial work.

The office administrator is under the supervision of the pastor who will set priorities for the weekly work of the office.

Duties are as follows:

1. Work with the pastor in day-to-day matters relating to administration of the Church office.

2. Perform general office duties:

  • Answer phone calls, check message machine
  • Filing
  • Sort through mail and distribute as needed
  • Place orders for supplies as needed/requested
  • Update QuickBooks with latest financial information
  • Oversee use and maintenance of office machinery: copier, computer, phone/answering machine, etc.
  • Keep pastor’s calendar of appointments. A calendar will be available in the office, which includes the pastor’s schedule and open times for the OA to schedule appointments. The pastor and the OA are both expected to keep the calendar updated with new appointments daily.

3. Must be familiar with QuickBooks Desktop and proficient with Microsoft Office

4. Keep membership records, including baptismal, marriage, membership and deaths.

  • Forms for marriages and other information on weddings, as well as baptismal forms, will be kept in the office.
  • When a person calls about a wedding the OA will take down the information on the application form and send additional information to the person inquiring immediately.
  • When the applicant calls to make an appointment to see the pastor, the OA will schedule an appointment.
  • In the matter of baptisms, the OA will set an appointment with the person (or in the case of an infant or child’s baptism—with the parents) to meet with the pastor. The OA will take the basic information on a form when the one inquiring calls.

5. Publish an updated phone directory each year.

6. Keep mailings list updated.

7. Prepare the UMW yearbook. (January).

8. Church Bulletin will be put together, printed by the OA. The pastor and music director must have their information to the OA on Monday morning. Announcements from various groups must be in the office by Monday morning of the week they are to go in the bulletin.

9. Prepare special service bulletins (i.e. holiday, funeral) as needed.

10. Distribute charge conference assignments for report to appropriate leaders and set deadline for turning them in so that OA has sufficient time to prepare reports for charge conference.

11. Mail “welcome visitor” letters as directed by pastor.

12. Do other correspondence as needed by pastor.

13. Prepare Year End report due in January for the Annual Conference in coordination with the pastor and treasurer.

14. Manage and sign out keys to each closet and door in the church. Let pastor know if they are not returned within a week.

15. File minutes of all committees and charge conferences and important documents.

16. Keep schedule for use of the Blakeman Room and Wesley Hall (in association with Trustee in Charge of Wesley Hall) by special groups. Maintain a calendar of those activities, filing contracts as available, making sure Certificate of Insurance forms are updated as necessary (upon renewals), and oversee that remittances are made regularly. Any problems are reported to Trustee in charge as soon as possible.

17. Prepare Charge Conference Reports, assembling booklets before Annual Charge Conference (Fall).

18. Give treasurer all bills for payment and necessary data for monthly reports. Bills are to be directed to the Finance chair, treasurer, and pastor before payment if they are for expenses other than regular bills of the church.

19. Order giving envelopes annually and label and prepare for distribution by the 3rd week of December.

20. Send quarterly statements.

21. Other work as assigned.

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Note: There are times in the year when the workload is heavier or lighter and the pastor and OA will work this out as needed to the satisfaction of both.

Paid Holidays:  All federal holidays, and Christmas through New Year’s Day.

Salary: $12,480 – $15,600, depending on experience

Confidentiality:  The OA is expected to keep office work confidential. If the OA has concerns about the work, she/he should discuss this with the pastor. It is not appropriate to discuss it with other church members.

The OA also has access to the Staff Parish Relations Committee anytime to discuss any issues that arise, any support needed, etc. The Staff Parish Relations Committee will also meet with the OA annually to see how things are going concerning the work and salary.

If interested, contact: Pastor Andrew Maggs,