New Wesleyan Album Funds Mission, Creative Projects

May 8, 2017 | | GNJ News


A new Wesleyan centered worship album and church resource kit will go live on May 8 with plans to ignite momentum and worship revival within the United Methodist Church while funding mission and creative worship endeavors.

Eric Drew, Director of Worship for The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey, wrote and performed the music in the project titled, “Center of It All” and hopes to blaze the path for what Methodist worship could be.

“We inherit a tradition of song writing greater than anyone else,” said Drew, referencing Charles Wesley and the famous hymns that have come out of United Methodism. The ‘Center of It All’ project seeks to inspire Methodists to step out, create, and write worship songs that tell the faith journey of their congregations.

The album, birthed out of a heart for creating a new and different sound, addresses what the Wesleyan world has to say in regard to worship, with songs driven specifically by Methodist theology. 50% of all album proceeds go toward the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey’s Mission Fund, which supports the United Methodist ‘Imagine No Malaria’ campaign as well as ‘A Future With Hope’ and various Hope Centers, and the other half toward creative United Methodist worship projects.

Kurtis Parks, Worship Director of National Community Church in Washington, D.C., produced the record with Drew. The project includes the full-length worship album and free downloadable digital resources and sheet music for church worship teams.

“The idea is to give the United Methodist Church as a whole a new sound for Wesleyan theology that churches can learn and use,” said Drew.

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