Myrna’s Words on 9/11/19

July 6, 2020 | | Deepen Faith

Growing up we vacationed in Manasquan, NJ with my extended family. That meant six adults and nine kids in a three bedroom bungalow with one bathroom! I understand better now why my grandfather spent hours sitting on the beach fishing! Driving into the town were two events we kids always hoped for—that the Glimmer Glass bridge would have an opening for a boat to come through, or that the train bridge would be down so we could watch the train go by.

This year we spent the last week of our vacation in Manasquan. As I drove into town the Glimmer Glass bridge was up with a long line of traffic backing up. I found myself getting irritated by having to wait to get into town and start this part of our vacation. Then I remembered the excitement this once brought and turned off the car and looked around for the boat that had led to the opening. It was a time to breath in the salt air, look for birds, and watch the boat.

I am writing this while listening to the reading of the names of those who died on 9/11. Eighteen years later the impact and loss of that day is still deep. The Glimmer Glass bridge opening is a challenge for me, and I hope for you to cherish the fullness of life. It is a reminder to not be so focused on what needs to be accomplished that you miss the excitement of the moment you are in. Yes, we need to get places and we need to accomplish our tasks. Yet, even in the midst of everything, do not miss the wonders that remind us of the goodness of all God’s love for us.

What wonders in your midst is God calling for you to notice and be touched with excitement? Pay attention!