Music Director – Simply Grace UMC

February 8, 2023 | Job Opportunities

The position of Music Director at Simply Grace United Methodist Church is a very important ministry available in and through our church. This position is responsible for the development and promotion of the music program of the church. It is currently a part-time, support staff position with duties primarily on Sundays.

Position Description
The Music Director will serve as the primary administrator of the music ministry of Simply Grace UMC. He/She will be responsible for the planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry. He/She will provide a variety of types of music presented, SG-UMC Music Directorwith contemporary music blended with traditional hymns. The purposes of the position are to facilitate an atmosphere in which God is worshipped and glorified and to provide direction, oversight, and coordination of musical, artistic, and technical elements of worship services.

Compensation shall be based upon experience and abilities to fulfill part, or all of the functions and skills listed herein.

Interested Applicants should send resumes and references to:

Simply Grace UMC
Attn: Pastor/Music Director Search Committee
61 Church St. Bloomsbury, NJ 08804