Miracles Everywhere Sermon Series Launched

NEPTUNE – This year’s Annual Conference theme of ‘Miracles Everywhere’ has been packaged into a sermon series for GNJ pastors. The series, compiled by GNJ staff is available here for download.

The four week series includes scripture and worship materials that feature a description, outline, opening prayer and music suggestions.

“The Gospels tell us of Jesus’ miracle ministry using two Greek words – dunamis and simaois,” said Eric Drew, Director of Worship. “In the synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, the Greek word dunamis is used which means power – God’s power to transform life.”

Drew explained how the Gospel of John primarily uses the word simaios, which means sign – a miracle that points to God’s activity in the world.

“Where is God still at work and how are we called to be courageous participants?” he asked. “As we open our eyes and fill our prayers with expectation, we’ll find miracles everywhere.”

Each week’s sermon has a different one word title: Shift, Unbelievable, Courage, and Tangible.

“Throughout scripture and in our own lives, God is always at work,” said Brian Mickle, Director of Development for The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation of Greater New Jersey.. “A miracle doesn’t have to be a huge moment; we can shift our perspective to see that miracles are happening all around us.”

The sermon series strives to open minds and hearts; shifting perspectives to see miracles both big and small.

“God has the power to show up in big ways,” said Bishop John Schol. “In scripture we read about blind eyes given sight, faith moving mountains and even raising the dead. Miracles evoke wonder by demonstrating God’s power and pointing to God’s work in the world. In every age, God has been at work in the world healing and transforming lives.”

“When we are courageous God will do great things through us,” said Schol. “God is creating signs and wonders in GNJ and there is even more God wants to do. God wants to continue working through the United Methodists of Greater New Jersey so that miracles of healing and transformation occur across GNJ and around the world.”

To review and download the Miracles Everywhere sermon series, click here.