Jersey City, Filipino Veterans Day Memorial, November 11, 2016

November 11, 2016 | GNJ News, Messages from the Bishop, Events

Bishop John Schol delivered the invocation and closing prayer at a celebration Veteran’s Day and the 24th anniversary of the founding of Philippine Plaza, a non profit organization dedicated to the honor, wellness and support of Philippine American veterans in Jersey City this morning.

Creator God, we gather to remember and give thanks for our veterans.

We remember those whose courage protects our borders, guards our freedom, establishes our future.

We remember the wounded worriers who carry the scars of war, some physical and some emotional. Heal their wounds, comfort their hearts, grant them your peace.

We remember those whose paid the ultimate price of freedom and sacrificed their lives throughout the ages. Grant peace to their souls and to their families.

Today Creator God, we remember with thanksgiving the Filipino veterans who began serving along US soldiers in 1763 as we sought independence for our Nation. Their bravery in battles in New Orleans and in all of the wars since then helped to establish and protect our nation.

Creator God, forgive us when we could have gained liberty and peace without war. In an ever changing and more complex world, help us to work toward peace through nonviolent efforts.

Today God we pray for unity in our nation in the midst of our own internal battles and conflicts. Help us work together toward mercy and justice, toward unity in the midst of division, toward healing and change in the midst of racism and prejudice. Help us to be a nation that offers light and hope through courageous peacemaking.



(Pictured in photo above from left to right: Flor Alcantara Mendel Reyes co-founder of Philippine Plaza Inc, Theresa Dixon-De Vega Consul General, Philippine War Vet, Rev. Wilfredo Tangunan, Bishop John Schol, Rev. Manolo Sardinas)