Hope UMC Offering Full Coaching Training In A One Week Course

December 9, 2015 | | GNJ News

The leadership at Hope UMC in Voorhees believes coaching can make a difference in a person’s life. That’s why Hope is hosting an intensive one-week Coach Approach Skill Training Fast Track from Jan. 4-8.

The training, first introduced to GNJ at the Bishop’s Convocation last January, will allow both clergy and laity who participate to complete most of the four steps of training in that one week. An additional 17 hours between January and March will be needed to finish training.

Hope UMC Director of Small Groups Heather Mandala believes it will be time well spent.

“I think for us, so much of ministry is about coaching people, whether it is about raising up new leaders or helping them realize the gifts that God has given to them,” Mandala said. “This gives us tangible goals to achieve and when working with the general congregation, they can look introspectively and see where God is with them.”

Registration for this coaching training is available at www.coachapproachskilltraining.com. The cost for the entire four-level training is $1,900 which is $100 cheaper than doing each level separately. Also, the registration allows full payment to take place in 2016, when pastors and laity may have more continuing education funds available.

The goal is to have more pastors and laity available to help others.

“We are really passionate about coming alongside people,” Mandala said. “It is an awesome opportunity for people already in leadership positions to hone skills and bring new people alongside of them.”

Many pastors in GNJ have already participated or are participating in coaching as a result of 2015’s convocation and GNJ’s coaching resource. GNJ pastors can sign up to be coached by emailing coaching@gnjumc.org. Coaching registration is open on a rolling basis. Coaching lasts for eight months, with a one-hour session once per month or two half-hour sessions a month. The sessions can be done by phone or in person.

“The ability to be trained in a more compact time period will help those who don’t have three days here or there,” said Gateway South District Superintendent Myrna Bethke said, who is leading GNJ’s coaching initiative. “This is a concrete block of time and then you have got it all done. It’s not less work, you’re just getting it all done in a shorter amount of time.”